Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Pulling yourself by the bootstraps, jockstrap, whatever

I have read quite a few blogs lately. They are mostly posted by gay men. Some are really electronic diaries and are quite revealing.

Many of them have similiar themes. Some are just bitching sessions, complaining about their life, loves, etc. Others are very revealing. These guys struggle with their jobs, their home life, their abilities or lack thereof.

Yet there are other guys out there who are trying to improve their lives, one day at a time. I admire these guys the most. They tend to stay more focused and seem to be genuinely sincere in their motives. They want life to be better for themselves as for those around them.

I guess the first way to approach a problem is admit to the problem. That sometimes takes a lot of guts. Doing so, you got to analyze for yourself how best to approach the problem and guide yourself towards a solution. You may need others to accomplish this goal. If you want to kick habits like smoking, drugs, alcohol, then you need to figure out methods to accomplish the end result.

Some guys tackle either their outer or inner self or both. They want to look hotter or be more outgoing or be more content with who they are. This evolution takes time.

I've approached my self renewal taking both an inner and outer approach. And for me, it really works. I feel better about myself emotionally because I have outer appearance improvements.
Exercise, for me, is an approach that both cleanses and builds the outer body as well as my inner self. Take the mirror test. If you feel a certain body part needs improvement, tackle that part first. And follow an entire regiment. That means diet and exercise.

With this winter down time, it gives us an opportunity to mold ourselves into men who can feel better about ourselves and at the same times, give to others. That's what life's all about, isn't it?

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