Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Skin Games: Cable TV's Summer Season Begins

If you think we were safe from reality shows for a while, think again.

This time VH1 wants to tickle our fancy with a new show called StripSearch.

The idea behind this series is to find 15 "ordinary" men from across America to compete for one of seven six-figure, one-year contracts as a member of a traveling male strip revue troup.

The lucky seven will hit a Vegas stage for the final telecast, entertaining an all female audience.

Oh brother. Gay men will be checking this series out to see if the stooge, Bill Cross, the creator of the internationally celebrated male revue, "Thunder Down Under" is picking the hottest and most talented guys or letting his fat ass sleep on the job. Only we will know for sure as the series progresses.

The 15 men will be taped training for the biggest opportunity of their lives. They must undergo intese dance training, team building exercises ( to tone down the bitching) and survive a "body shop" with top choreograpaahers, trainers and nutritionists while living in close quarters (more bitching, think Manhunt from last season).

Each week the men are evaluated by Billy, and one must be elimated.

Then the 15 wittle down to 8, head to Vegas to prepare for their big premiere. They will be ruthlessly scrutinized (think a circuit party where you have to perform on stage) and the seven selected. These will become, "the hottest real men in America". I quote this from the VH1 website.

There are some attributes here. The best ass for one. Already Blake is seen as having the best ass.

I haven't viewed the first show yet. It aired last night. I will watch it later today and let you know who are the boys competing for this coveted prize. Stay tuned.


Vince said...

Shit. As if gay men don't spend enough time watching mindless drivel on VH1.

puppydogwannabe said...

I hear you on that one!

...excuse me. Behind the Music is on.

*sheepish grin*

Keith said...

I have caught the first two episode's of the show and am getting bored really fast. While the scenery is nice, watching uncoordinated straight men trying to dance to songs and the non-stop analysis by the female co-host (don't pick him - he didn't offer to buy me any food! - geez poor thing) is getting stale already.