Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The New Lost Boys: Thrown Out By Their Polygamist Dads. So Don't Expect These Sons to Send Their Dads a Father's Day Card

While we wage a brave battle to marry just one man, there are those in this country who live in Holdale and Colorado City Utah that can live as polygamists.

Now these crazed men are through out their own flesh and blood, teenage boys to fend for themselves because they pose a burden when seeking new brides.

These guys were given as little as 2 hours notice before being driven to St. Goerge, Utah or nearby Hurrican, Utah, and left like unwanted pets along the road, with only the clothes on their backs. More than 400 teenage boys have faced this abandonment in the past 4 yers, according to reports by Utah authorities and an investigative report by the LA Times. See,0,5219104.story?page=4&coll=la-home-headlines

Who is responsible for kicking out these boys is Warren Jeffs, the 49 year old prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They control Hildale and Colordo City, Utah with a combined population of 15, 000.

How these so called righteous men get away with it is beyond me. Last time I checked, polygamy is illegal.

But things are looking up. Recently, Jeffs was indicted in Arizona on charges that he had arranged a marriage between a 28 year old man who was lrady married and a 16 year old girl.
Funny that the religious right isn't screaming about these horror stories.

Also Jeffs is bieng sued by five of the "Lost Boys" who claim he conspired to banish them so church eldeers would have less competition for wives. See, these young studs were proving too much competiton for the old bucks. These are really strange folks. And Michael Jackson is thought to be really weird.

These young men were given trumped up charges by their elders and banished because they acted like teenage boys, sneaking off to see "Charlie's Angels" or just having some fun.

But some of these boys have been taken in by other Mormon families and that has helped to aleviate the situation somewhat. Still these boys want to see their moms again, who won't have anything to do with them.

This cult has been defying the law for over 50 years. Nothing seems to stick and they are allowed to exist and practice polygomy openly.

The Hildale manor, David Zitting said that the exiled boys were defiant. But there cause is not left unnoticed. There is a group, Diversity Foundation, out of Salt Lake City that wnats to raise awareness about these boys as well as provide them with housing and education.

One of the boys said, "If you have 71 brothers and sisters in the house, how can you establish a relationship with your father?" Now that's some feat trying to get his attention.

So injustice permeates everywhere you look. Something to think about.

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LiteraryTech said...

RE: New Lost Boys.

Of course the religious right doesn't want to focus on polygamy. As hard as they have to work to justify with biblical texts their bigotry and hatred of gay people, they will find it impossible to justify any attack on polygamy. The bible is at best conflicted and more likely in favor of the idea.

Thanks for the post!