Thursday, June 02, 2005

Alex and Lynn from Amazing Race tie the knot

Well the boyz did what they always wanted to do.

Quoting Lynn, "Getting married is much more thrilling than the Amazing Race because the prize at the end is true love and a happy life ever after." Hopefully they can lift the Amazing Race curse. Reichen and his ex, Chip, had professed their "marriage" on an earlier installment of the show, only to break up once they had won the big prize.

400 invited guests looked on as the couple exchanged their marriage vows in Ottawa on June 1st.

The ceremony was without incident. Alex's family didn't know he was gay until he went on the Amazing Race. However on a sour note, his mom and dad do not support him. They don't believe in gay marriage, Alex, was quoted as saying. But his aunt and uncle were in attendance, and they have supported him his entire life.

So again we can find reason that marriage is obtainable for gay men and lesbians if they travel to Canada for the ceremony. Still as much as we would like wedded bliss, and I love Canada dearly, we have to continue the fight here in the US so that someday all of us can have the opportunity to write about our own marriage in our blogs.

Big hairy muscle hugs to the groom and the groom.

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cola boy said...

It's interesting. I get the semi-daily update and they usually list 4-6 stories, and it seems that lately the majority have concerned gay rights in the areas of marriage and adoption. I cheer when we are given rights that "straight" people have and boo when another narrow-minded, bigotted state government denies us something because they think we are evil. I look forward to the day when it won't be necessary to write articles aboutt his because they won't be needed.