Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Playing With Your Food Takes On A Whole New Meaning

I only wish that the Food Network would devote some airtime to the true pleasures of food.

Did you know that bubble gum is America's Number 1 snack food? It's true. Bubble gum is a $3.3 billion industry. At the National Confectioners Association trade show in Chicago earlier this mopnth, 86 new gums were introduced, including ones that help people lose weight or that taste like chocolate. Yummy.

However gum chewers are fickle, with 60 percent changing flavors and brands regularly. The No. 1 reason people chew gum is to freshen their breath. Wrigley's even has a patent that covers a Viagra gum. Say, isn't that handy, freshening breath and keeping a hard on all at the same time.

I love chewing bubble gum, but have to watch sometimes. I usually like to chew while working outdoors in the summer. Getting sweaty and working shirtless, I have on occasion blown quite a bubble which has burst all over my goatee and even on my chest. Removing chewing gum from these places can be fun or can be torture, depending on what you like.

Other fun foods gaining popularity are cream puffs. Now I like the pop in the mouth kind found in the frozen food case, but fresh bakery cream puffs are so gooooooooood. They ooze so deliciously. I love the vanilla cream puffs. And licking some of that cream off a guys fuzzy face is awesome. I have also indulged several of my buds by licking the cream puff filling off their nipples. Also ass cheeks are really cool places to hide some of the smaller puffs and have a guy lick the crack gives both the bottom and the top guy pure satisfaction during foreplay. There's even a company called that rents its chocolate dipping fountions to party givers for $299. Among the hottest dipping items, cream puffs. Talk about a fun idea for your next orgy. Pure pleasure in every lick.

Two items that I have tried lately which are really delicious and used in the right way, really erotic are Edys Dibs Ice Cream Snacks and Smuckers Sundae Singles. YUMMMMMMMMMY.
Dibs snacks are bite-sized ice cream. These munchable delights cum in the following flavors: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate and Nestle Drumstick cone coating, chocolate ice cream with chocolate coating, mint ice cram with chocolate coating, vanilla ice cream with chocolate coating and vinilla icecream with chocolate and Nestle Crunch candy coating. Being a drumstick kind of guy since childhood, I prefer the vanilla ice cram with the Drumstick coating. The coating keeps the balls hard and lying back and having several placed around the balls and then having them licked and getting sucked off is pure pleasure. This foreplay can last as long as there are dibs in the carton.

As a companion treat, try Smucker's microwavable sundae singles. Just make sure that the chocolate and carmel cool down a little after coming out of the microwave, but still liquid. Pour generously over your erection and have your play partner experience the best banana split ever. Do take turns, so that both of you can experience the pure pleasure of these erotic experience.

So guys, I leave it up to you to discover these new snack foods. When you find yourself bored with the ordinary foreplay and are in the mood for a little comfort food, give these snack treats a try.


Will said...

BORED with ordinary foreplay? My god, man, what a thought! When I get bored with ordinary foreplay, I'll know I'm ready to crawl in the box and have them nail down the lid.

I've never gotten into combining sex and food, except to have a bottle of wine and some nice munchies on the side during breaks when we cum up for air. I like my men to taste, smell, and feel like men.

cola boy said...

When's lunch?


I want to pour the chocolate syrup on YOUR bananna BuffnTuff. ;) I would lick that thing so good until I got to the creamy center! ;)