Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A New Gay Cable TV Channel Has Begun Broadcasting Programs 4 Your Viewing Pleasure

From the folks that bring youMTV, CMT and VH1 comes Logo TV.

Brian Graden, an openly gay man, is responsible for this gay channel that caters to our gay sensibilities.

He grew up in rural Illinois, attended Oral Roberts University. Hey, we can't hold the ORU thing against him. I guess he liked the clean cut boys.

Anyway, Logo is here, to be broadcast first and seen in homes with digital cable. And it isn't pay-per-view, so anyone getting digital cable can receive it, according to the press release.

Gay and lesbian themed movies and documentaries will fill many of Logo's first programming hours. A future scripted series called "Noah's Arc" about a black gay man and his friends in LA along with a reality series about opening a gay bar and for cutting edge programming, a stand-up comedy series called "Wisecrack" are slated for airing sometime in the fall.

Everything is about Brian, according to various reports on the AP wire and elsewhere. He is responsible for torturing us with the Osbournes, Jackass and Pimp My Ride. He has been responsible for putting between 200 and 300 programs on the air. Should we whip his ass for subjecting us to such mindless entertainment? He might think of that as a show of appreciation.

So here we are, and during the last week of Gay Pride Month, we have our own cable TV channel. But where are the gossip shows, the news programming about this year's coverage of Gay Pride across the county, the continent and the world? I guess they haven't found the right on-air reporters yet. Some nude news would bring in the viewers and hype the ratings.

Whether or not LOGO will live up to its hype and ground breaking attempt to cater to our varied tastes, only time will tell. Hopefully they will broadcast a wide variety of shows including travel and fitness. And thank goodness they won't be rebroadcasting "Queer Eye" marathons since this is Viacom and not NBC/Universal. The gay gods must be with us.


hbjock said...

When does it start?? What channel number?? Hehehe.. I haven't seen it yet..

buff said...

I guess you'll have to contact your local cable provider and ask when they will begin showing LOGO TV. It began broadcasting on Monday.