Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Big Companies That Support Gay Events Are Under Attack Again by the American Family Association Windbags

Two corporate giants, Kraft Food Co. and Harris Bank, both Chicago institutions, have come under fire from the American Family Association for sponsoring the 2006 Gay Games.

More than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies include sexual orientation in their anti-discrimination policies. Illinois is one of only 16 states that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation.

But because these companies provide such protections, they are becoming targets of groups such as AFA.

But having this protection in the workplace fosters eventual acceptance from fellow workers and makes the workplace a better place to work for everyone.

Quoting the source for this report, the Chicago Tribune, one of the openly gay employees of Harris Bank, Larry Passo, a vice president and branch manager, has spearheaded the bank's initiative targeting affluent gay and lesbian customers.

"It's important not to apologize" for who you are, he said. "If you're doing a good job at work, they (fellow workers and management) will respect you."

So again the ugly head of discrimination against gay men and lesbians in corporate America is raised, condemning our lifestyle and right to marry and live happily ever after.

So to combat this personal attack and counteract their boycott, if you buy Kraft products, continue to do so. If you don't, fight these crafty evil bastards by buying Kraft products.
This is one of many ways to show them that we won't stand for this attack on our lives anymore.


Scotty said...

Thankfully MY company is totally supportive and offers domestic partner benefits to my partner. It is awesome!


Hey, I may be looking for a new job soon. I am definitely looking for a GAY FRIENDLY corporation! The great thing about the State of Louisiana is our female Governor Kathleen Blanco(a Democrat)included sexual orientation as a protected class in our state's discrimination policy. (For State of Louisiana employees)

AC said...

I think there are others things about Kraft Foods worth mentioning, like how they are owned by a company called Altria,, which is owned by Philip Morris. The tobacco connection and the lack of concern for public health in their unhealthy snacks are pretty obvious. The corporate umbrella, Altria, was one of the top 10 larget donators to Bush '99-'05 and has donated nearly $7 million to republican causes. So, while it's nice that they have done one nice thing, they ain't gonna get so much as a dollar from me!