Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Gay Officer is accused of Harassment in NYC

Well the boot is on the other foot, figuratively speaking.

Kieran Crow, an openly gay officer, is accursed of behaving badkly, allegedly making sexually suggestive use of his hands, tongue and other body parts in front of three male sergeants, according to the New York Daily News.

Crowe was their supervisor and occurred in the NYPD's Office of Equal Employment Opportunity.

The fromal charges accuse Crow, 46, of repeatedly harassing Sgts. Sean Gallagher and Dominic Coppola and constantly staring at the private parts of another sergeant.

Coppola, in his affidavit, said, "He (Crowe) informed me that he was the best "kiss ass" in the department and he was going to teach me to be the second best." Oh brother.

However Crowe ever denys this. One of his former supervisors stepped forward to defend him, saying the charges are completely out of character for Lieutenanta Crowe.

Quoting him, "These allegations are sheer fabrications by two malcontents" siad Robert Brown, a retired NYPD captain.

Sounds liked trumped up charges to me. Will keep you guys posted.

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hbjock said...

Hmmm cops are really weird sometimes. It could be true either way I think. It could be an anti-gay charge... but then again, maybe he really did say something like that. You know who macho and offensive cops can get, especially when i n a postiion of power.. hmmm...