Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Juicing It. The Just Squeezed Taste. And I'm Not Talking About OJ

The New York Post featured an interesting article hyping the Steroid Secrets of NYC Juicers.

It spent several weeks taling to steroid users all over the city about their illegal and dangerous habits from downtown party promoters to male stsrippers and shirtless bartenders to Wall Street tycoons.

Some were quoted as saying "NYC is a vain and decadent city." Who knew???

"Sebastian" is a highly visibile party promoter who plans Red Bull fueled all night bases at downtown nightclubs.

His juice of coice is Winstrol V, a cutting agent for longer, leaner muscles. He says in socializing, bieng muscular makes him state out in the crowd.

"George" is a financial professional in his mid 40's who spends more than $2K a year getting his fix. He injects a mix of Deca and testosterone into his buttocks, thigh or shoulder once a week, for 3 or 4 months, then he abstains for 3 or 4 motns. And so on. I hope he knows how to count.

George says that "Steroids are demonized as something much wore than they are".

Sterods are testosterone -boosting drugs meant to spur weight gain in patients with diseases like cancer and AIDS.

So, this is not surprising that the New York black market is centered in the city's gay community.

AIDS patients can get up to $600 for putting a month's supply of growth hormone on the street.
So gay men who have AIDS sell to other gay men and straights to implement their incomes.

Former male stripper, Victor says that his stripper roommates whould shoot each other up with growth hormone or injest Clembuterol talblets. Talking about butt buddies.

To get his good abs, these strippers will go to any length. He says that if you're in top shape, you can make $2K in a single night or about $6 K a week. Other dudes such as actors and models and personal trainers all believe that they would not be as good as they are in their professional life without these juice injections.

So it all plays into male vanity. I know we will see muscly guys on various floats this month as we celebrate Gay Pride. If you see some nice six pack abs, just remember that they came with a price. I don't think any of us are that vain to want to look like that, regardless of consequences.

I think all of you guys are hot just the way you are. Big hairy muscle hugs of support. I know that you know better. And that's why you guys rule. Have a great day.


Philip said...

'roids. Who needs them?
Thanks for the comment.

hbjock said...

You know it's interesting that you posted about steroids and stuff like that.. because I remember one night going to a strip show and my date that night pointing out to me which guys were on steroids and which ones weren't because you could see the marks from the needles on their butt.. that really you wouldn't be able to see if you didn't really look for it...

That's just so wrong... those of us who aren't muscular would usually think that if these strippers and athletes can get buffed and ripped, then we should be able to do it to... and the thought of steroids never entered my mind... what a tragedy...