Thursday, June 16, 2005

Points of Pride and Then Some

Read this wonderful tidbit on the wire services.

Seems that German gay men and lesbians in Hamburg during their Gay PRide set a new world record for a group hug, with 16,000 people embracing each other for 10 seconds.

Oliva Jones, a drag queen and one of the organizers was quoted as saying, "This march should bring people together, regardless of whether people are gay or straight".

Police estimated the crowd at 22,000 who attended the Christopher Stree Day parde, a Pride march held in numerous cities in Germany and elsewhere in Europe to mark the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in 1969 in NYC.

Another tidbit on the wire services was the death of cutie pie former actor, Lon McCallister, who was 82. The reason why I mention his death was that he kept to himself as well as hiding his sexual orientation.

The Washington Post mentions his companion, fellow actor William Eythe, who pre-deceased him in 1957. Of course survivors include the following relatives, a brother and a sister, another clue that he never married.

He sisliked flaunting his acting career. IT was once written about him that he"enjoys his privacy and the freedom of being anonymous".

His boyish good looks led him to be cast as the likable small-twon hero in various 1940's pics including"The Story of Seabiscuit" with Shirley Temple, Scadda Hoo, Scudda Hay, and no I din't make that title up, and "The Red House" (1947) with Edward G. Robinson and Julie London, better known as nurse Dixie on the 1970's TV show, "emergency".

He maintained close relations with Carol Channing, Jane Withers, the Comet TV commercial lady and another diva of the silver screen, Deanna Durbin, all gay friendly actresses.

Speaking of "close", did you watch "The Shield" this season on FX? Glenn Close played a remarkable character, precient police chief. She was awesome. She deserves an Emmy and if she doesn't, it is the most injustice and oversight ever in the history of television.

Her on screen performances are riveting. If you haven't seen her, check out the final episode of the season airing on FX this week. It is television at its best.

Well, guys, maybe we can set our own world's record with the biggest hairy muscle hug ever over the internet. I know that comes natural to you men. So get ready to hug. Big hairy muscle hugs and the best day today ever.


cola boy said...

I'll start the first hairy muscle hug, here!

hbjock said...

Aww thanks for the hug, buff!! I always love getting hugs from you.. hmm now if I could just get something more.. hehehe.

Anyway, I think that as time goes along, we're going to discover a whole slew of "closeted" actors and actresses who take secrets to the grave. I don't know if there will ever be a time in Hollywood where it'll be "OK" to be gay and still play these macho roles.. I think the general public is still too close-minded on that. They aren't able to separate actors from the rolese that they play.

And you're right, Glen Close is a phenomenal actress... I love her in whatever she does ;).

Vince said...

Hug recieved. And passed on.

Scotty said...

And a big hairy muscle hug from me to everyone!