Monday, June 13, 2005

Gay Pride Celebrations Take Center Stage

I headed down to DC on Saturday afternoon to catch the 30th annual DC Pride parade.

I had sense to ride the Harley, because parking along P street was tight. I managed to get a space on the Whole Foods side of the street.

It was awesome. Lots of cruising and everyone seemed to have a great time. The dudes of the Gay Men's Chorus were especially friendly, slapping on several "We're 25 " stickers on my chest.

After the customary Dykes on Bikes, the first featured floats and contingents honored gay men in the military. That was fitting. After that, the illuminaries, the grand marshall. Rip Taylor, then all the politicians, then the bars, social groups such as the Lambda car club and the DC COwboys, leathermen, porn stars, Chi Chi La Rue, etc, then the church, PFLAG groups, hispanic groups, and finally the Results Gym with a huge float. Especially loved Freddies Beach Bar's float. Very hunky and colorful.

The next day was the Gay PRide itself. It was hot and sweaty, as usual. Lots of skin. So many booths, so little time. The entertainment was cool. A musical group, Betty, part Harlots, good guitar licks, very good all girl vocal group had the crowd in a festive mood.

But the booths were torn between commerce and social groups. Real Estate seems to be a very big thing in DC and there were so many realtors there that it looked like a Parade of Homes or Home Show. There was a little bit of everything stretching the four blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue.

I'm a little beat from the ride and the walking, but it was fun. The home crowd in DC is in a lovefest with its baseball team, the Nationals as they continue to win and stay in first place.

Caught in the paper this morning a pic of Paris Hilton and her mom, who were grand marshals of the LA Gay PRide parade. I guess West Hollywood and environs were in a street party mood as well.

If you celebrated Gay Pride over the weekend, feel free to share your observations. It is that one time of the year when our tribe can get together for one event. Wishing you the best of Gay Prides. Big hairy muscle hugs.


Lia said...

Sounds like you had as much fun in DC as we had in LA! My good friend was, however, extremely disappointed in the grand marshal choice. "What does that say about us? She's a whore who eats burgers while making love to cars!" :) Can't please everyone I suppose.

hbjock said...

Glad you had such a great weekend stud... I have no idea when "Pride" is here hehe. I'm kind of out of touch with the larger comomunity these days. Anyway, so you saw ads for ID lube all over the place huh? Hmm mthat would get me all horned up and shit.. heheh don't ask me why, but it would ;)

Scotty said...

Hey guy...I dedicated my blog to PRIDE this week with new decor )compliments of my friend FunkyBug). There are a ton of pics and a story about Indy PRIDE. It was a Good time!!!