Monday, February 07, 2005

The Wacky World of Super Bowl Commercials

I too only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, since I didn't have a vested interest in this year's game.

It's really fun using TiVO to watch something live like this. I used TiVO and let it run for over 2 hours while I was watching something else I had TiVoed. Then I fastforwarded until I saw the commercials and started watching them.

The best probably was the hunk for the Diet Pepsi ad. The set up was a hunk just strutting down an urban sidewalk, all the chicks banting as they passed him on the sidewalk. You'd see the backs of their heads walking towards him. Then you see a dishwater blond head of hair walking towards him. The head then turns and low and behold, its Carson from Queer Eye turning completely around as the hunk passes him. This was funny and cute all at the same time. We as gay men, scored a touchdown on that one. Who would have thought this to be imaginable 5 or even 10 years ago to see a gay man in this kind of commercial.

The Brad Pitt Heineken ad was a little too much. I had to rewind the end when he calls for help.
Too bad it couldn't been him saying, Jennifer, help me. Instead it was a nondiscriptive sigh for help as the mob stalks his front door of his lavish condo building. Poor guy, he's like the rest of us, has to go out to get his Heineken by himself.

Another cute one was the Fedex-Kinkos top ten ingredients for a Super Bowl commercial featuring Burt Reynolds and the talking Bear. This went off well and really jumped.

Several monkey commercials as well. They lend themselves to the drunken Super Bowl viewer who is pretty wiped out by halftime. The ad execs feel that the only way to grab that viewers attention is a barrel of monkeys being cute pitching a product.

Some other endorsements worthy of note: The Muppets for Pizza Hut. . . always great to see Miss Piggy working; M C Hammer making fun of himself, and the strangest of all, Gladys Knight sliding on the astro turf for MBNA. All in all, pretty neat entertainment. And if you didn't stay until the end, the Patriots won, yet another one, 24-21 over the Eagles. Now if anyone could just cover some of the post game shower room antics, then that might be a Super Bowl worth watching.


Anonymous said...

The Fed Ex commercial was very good and I liked seeing Karson in the Diet Pepsi ad.

The Stud said...

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Anonymous said...

the score was 24-21.