Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Slip, Slap, Slop. The right way to play.

When I last visited Australia two of their summers ago, a major campaign had been underway to prevent skin cancer. I think we can apply this memorable advice to anal sex.

SLIP: A condom on. Have your partner do it for you. But never assume that he always will. Slip it on yourself. It's all in your control and you are the one that keeps fucking safe.

SLAP: his ass cheeks to signal that you are about ready to fuck his brains out.

SLOP: some lubricant onto your ready condomed cock and , you know what cums next.

We have to instill this practice in gay men so that it becomes second nature. I want every gay man to live life to its fullist and not have to live with HIV. As we get older, there will be enough disease and circumstances affecting our health that we may not be able to control. WE can control our exposure to HIV.

On a sad note, those of you who visit San Francisco will have one less bar to visit after March.
The really hot bar, the Loading Dock, is closing its doors forever after 8 glorious years.
Apparently the owner can't cover the expenses anymore. It seems that guys who still go out can only patronize so many bars. The Loading Dock fell a victim of economics.

It has an awesome layout. The second floor balcony is one of the best cruising spots in any gay bar I've seen. But layout alone can't make a bar profitable. It's the guys who hang out and support the bar that keeps it in business. RIP Loading Dock.

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Andrew said...

I have a vague idea that a local safe sex organisation in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia did use the sun smart slogan in an altered way.