Thursday, February 10, 2005

Pucker Up. Being LipLocked and Loving It

One of my favorite Valentine's Day rituals is playing suck face with a special buddy.

It all starts off quite innocently and always unexpectedly. Usually in a naked state.

It can happen when I'm making him breakfast, whipping up some waffle batter, or shaving, or at the spur of the moment.

I first grab him around the waist and almost instantaneously pull him to me and plant a passionate kiss on his lips. The next several seconds is pure enchantment. Meanwhile the tongue is pursuing its own explorations. Before I know it, I'm deeply kissing him and pumping my body into his. It's definitely getting hot and heavy.

So I recommend the best way to start off the day with your special one is to smooch. Of course, this is very spontaneous. But if you need a prop or reason, a long stem red rose, preferably dethorned placed in your lips will give the signal that you coming on to him romanticly.

Give it a try. And if you have other ways to show your special someone that you really love him, I'd like to read them. But be warned, the sizzling passion may activate every smoke alarm in your home and you both may have some hunky fireman knocking on the door to join in the fun.

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cola boy said...

Another post to get me hard. I don't know why you haven't written a Gay Sex 101 book, stud. Leather hugs!