Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A Potentially More Agressive Strain Of HIV Discovered

Hate to be the bearer of bad news to dampened this otherwise hot and sexy Valentine Week, but like HIV, the news of the new form of HIV has spread across the net and blog world.

Because of its supervirus characteristics, scientists today fear that this new strain may have caused the rapid progression from HIV to full blown AIDS in a mid-40's New York Gay male.

Two other men have been identified with the new strain. Scientists test the virus to the 20 licensed anti-retroviral drugs available today, and the strain was resistant to 19 of the 20 drugs.

Molecular tests of the one of the men's HIV show that it has changes that appear to differ significantly from strains found in NYC and precisely what those changes means still remains to be discovered.

The second guy found had sex with this guy probalby in October. Of course, it was unprotected sex, that's why he also has the virus. The third man was discovered in San Diego with the strain. Yet another man who had unprotected sex with the NYC dude, has been identified, but will not cooperate with AIDS scientists at the CDC and at the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center.

This is a very sad commentary that gay men are continuing to have unprotected safer sex. I guess this is happening more because of complacency than education. No one is that hot, that sexy to succumb to AIDS. I hope this awakens gay men who are promiscuous and practice barebacking, that the cocktails won't work against this new strain. So far, almost nothing will.

I know my buds out there practice safer sex. But sometimes we think with our cock, and not with our other head. If anyone hasn't read Randy Shilts' pioneering book from 1987, "And the Band Played On" dealing with the origins of AIDS and patient zero, he should try to do so. It is a must read. It is both an informative and definitive source on AIDS and has relevance to the discovery of this new strain.

On a lighter note, hoping everyone has an erotic and sexy Valentine's Day weekend. Hope you discovered new uses for edible icings and creamy spread chocolate frosting. Hot, passionate sex can be tasty too.

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orange.paper.bike said...

always sad to hear bad news from the hiv war front. on a lighter note, i did have very hot [safe!] sex while i was in san francisco last weekend. had bought some new condoms from denmark - studded and ribbed. woof!