Thursday, February 03, 2005

Finally Got my Flu Shot and went to the Dentist. I'm a Glutton for Punishment.

Finally, in the MidAtlantic anyway, the flu shot restrictions were lifted and not a moment too soon. The area has seen a flu outbreak in the past week. Officials decided to lift the restrictions because the flu vaccine has to be given by the end of February, or else, disposed of.

This is a really sad statement about our public health services. This should have never happened. Long lines formed last October and early November. Limited vaccine was available.
Only the most needy were given the vaccine. Now that the restrictions are lifted, is it too little too late?

Early in the day, I had my six month dental checkup, cleaning and scaling. While this is fine, the procedure went somewhat wacky. I had the right side of my mouth scaled six months ago. I don't need novacaine and I thought that was stated in my file. Well, yesterday, before I could shout, the dentist had injected novacaine into my left jaw. I didn't see it coming. It seems that in that six months, he has become a pain free dentist. Pain free my ass. My whole left side swelled like a balloon. The scaling was performed, but I am still swelled this morning. Not a pretty site. I was assured that the swelling would go today. I sure hope so.

Enuf about me for today. Hoping everything with you is well and pleasurable. I've got several comments about the cinnabunn frosting. I hope you men enjoy the experience. Big hairy muscle hugs.

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