Friday, February 04, 2005

Cher, Say It isn't so.

Cher recently announced that her final concert of her "Never Can Say Goodbye" Farewell Tour is April 30th at the Hollywood Bowl. She chose it because it was where her and Sonny gave their first large audience performance.

So far, her tour has gone on for three years with 325 shows. She's been all over the US, several times including 4 alone in Vegas, as well as Europe, Mexico, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. During this long voyage, she has sold more than 3 million tickets and touched the lives of millions more. Have wigs, sequins and mike, will travel, should be her moniker.

I can't quibble with the fact that this tour, while the butt of lots of jokes, has been a windfall, financially for Cher. She is the envy of every diva, past, present and future. She is the epitomy of showmanship. She makes the Energizer Bunny pale in comparison. And she can sing as well.

What next for Cher? If indeed April 30th is the last concert, then I guess she'll jumpstart her acting career again. I hope she doesn't have to do reality TV. With all her dough, she can produce anything she wants.

Enough about our patron saint for now. One of my favorite singers, Shelby Lynne, is releasing her next album in May, 2005. I can't wait to hear that. Shelby, while not a diva, is a very sensitive singer and songwriter who can mesmerize her audience with sulky, meaningful songs.
I can't get enough of Shelby, so her new release will enable her fans to sample more of her great songs. If you get a chance, download her smash, "Telephone". It's a classic.


Cement Brunette said...

My exboyfriend's name is Shelby. I can safely say that I've had enough of Shelby.

Greg said...

Shelby's song "Killing Kind" from the 'Bridget Jones" soundtrack is awesome, too. A great singer with a great voice.