Friday, February 18, 2005

Fun Things to Do This Weekend. How about BackPacking instead of BareBacking?

It's the weekend. You guys are really horny and want to have some fun.

There's not a better way to get it on than by backpacking. Sure, you say, its fuckin cold outside.
For those hardy souls, BP is a great way to connect. Who can't resist a guy dressed in hiking boots, a jock and a backpack. WOOOF. Besides the cold air makes those nipples stand at attention.

If you guys play inside, think of the possibilities. Put up a tent in your playspace and explore new trails. Make sure your BP has plenty of condoms for safe fun. You can toast marshmellows and have fun with various types of wiennies. YUM.

I have a reason for writing this way today. From my previous posts, I'm really concerned about the new strain of HIV virus recently discovered in NYC. The media is on this too. Richard Cohen in his weekly column says that we have only ourselves to blame. And he's right. Quoting him, "Unprotected, promiscuous sex in bathhouses, and at parties, and using drugs such as crystal meth to prolong both desire and performance are practices that should be no acceptable for gay that for heteros. Gays don't get some sort of pass just because they're gay."

Strong words, indeed. Even Dan Savage addresses the issue indirectly in his weekly, Savage Love, column. A reader asks Dan if there is any way medically to treat HIV that occurred accidentally when a condom broke. Sure, there's the morning after treatment, and yes, it has proven effective for previous strains. But this isn't a chance anyone should be taking now. Savage goes on to say that the best way to play is with someone you know. Sure, even 22 year old Circus de' Soleil hot performers can be HIV positive.

I am particularly pissed off since the know carrier of this new strain is a 40 something year old guy. Those of us who are in our 40's saw this shit happening a generation ago. It's 1985 all over again. We saw so many of our buds die of AIDS. Until the cocktail and new drugs, there wasn't effective treatment. Now it's deja vu all over again. Personally I don't want to see the long obituaries again in gay newspapers of deaths caused by AIDS.

With all the circuit parties and theme cruises happening in the next weeks through Memorial Day weekend, its particularly important that guys play safe. I know the temptation is there.
I want all guys to have fun, but play responsibly. I like raunchy sex as much as the next guy.
Get those boots dirty and have some fun, but strap on a condom when you are about to plow. That's all I ask.


Anonymous said...

Excellent advice...better yet, be a monogamous's the best and the safest.

Scoobs said...

Monogamous partnerships are "the best" if that's what you and your partner choose for yourself. Me? Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt. Won't do it again. As one of our tricks (also a couple) once said: "Monogamy is a foreign disease." It's all a matter of choice.

As for the "safest," it would probably be not to have sex altogether don't you think? Also, you probably want to rethink going out at all - you might get run over by car ;-)

Scoobs -

PS: for the record. 1) I preach and practice safe sex 2) I am HIV- 3) I was once in monogamous relationship - with an HIV+ guy. It wasn't the best, and it wasn't the safest either, obviously.


I always play it safe. Condoms are so easy to put on... and it is cleaner sex. Good post boo! ;)