Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Quick Fix Isn't the Best Approach for Getting the Job Done Right

So many guys look for the easy way to achieve results, no matter the consequences. They are, what I call, "shortcut artists".

A case in point. Our buddy, Jose Conseco, has been making headlines with allegations published in his new book, "Juiced". He tells in riveting detail how he self injected a cocktail made of human growth hormones and steroids into his butt cheeks and did the same to other players.
While the details are fuzzy and conflicting about how many times he did it to Mark McGuire, there is plenty of fingerpointing. Instead of working in the gym like Hank Aaron did, these guys looked for an edge to turn their mediocre careers around. Barry Bonds is a prime example of that. A decent player for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the late 80's, somehow he becomes this steroid freak in the late nineties and into the 21 century hitting homeruns everywhere, breaking individual records and now, 40, plans on breaking Babe Ruth's and Hank Aaron's home run records.

But this kind of abuse isn't just restricted to professional atheletes. My buddy, Spence, in his recent blog post,
reports that musclebears are also juicing up on this stuff. He reports that they can be seen at various bear runs with treetrunk necks, bulging pecs and humongus biceps. I've seen some of these guys around, but didn't pay much attention to them. But come to think of it, there are more of them now then there used to be. Their main fault is that they overdo it to a point where it becomes freakish and ugly. Again they want to be noticed and want to do it quickly. They want 'No Pain and Plenty of Gain". In the shortrun that may be getting away with it, but in the long run, they will suffer big time.

Somehow being "natural" isn't in vogue. I get the Viagra spam just as you do. If you need it, then by all means get a prescription and use it. But never abuse it. It is a wonderful feeling staying hard for a longer time, but there are natural ways to do this as well. And sometimes, it's all in the brain. Yea, that head, not the other one.

I feel that the natural way is the best way. It may not always be the quickest, but it is the most beneficial. Being a natural man is a woofy man who definitely gets 5 big hairy muscle hugs in my book any day.


no milk said...

i thought that the whole bear subculture was about the 'natural man'. i can't see how the 'bearoids' fit in this subculture. they probably have more in common with the circuit boys than bears.

Robert said...

Thanks, buff, I agree. People look to the immediate results and not to the long-term effects. All that on top of the anorexia-like disease that keeps making you think you need to be bigger. Kinda freaks me out.

Danny said...

Correction no milk, the bear subculture was developed in direct response to popular gay culture's refusal to treat those who did not meet their ideal of physical beauty as part of their community.
Hmmmmm....sound familiar?
I read that blog from "Spence" and thought it was very exclusive of people who are different than what he believes a "bear" should be.
I don't do steroids, but I do work out to gain size and definition. In turn, I also like many different types of men and think that a hairy belly can be one of the sexiest parts on a man.
INCLUSION man, it does us all good in these very polarized times.