Thursday, February 24, 2005

Garage Hijinks: The Monkey Wrench and the Grease Gun as PlayTools

The other day, I thought I'd do some cleaning up in the garage. I've been letting it go for a while, and what better way to spend a wintry day than in a heated garage.

The Harley is parked in back of the garage. I love to shine the layers of chrome on that bike.
The only way I have found to polish it is to attach some chamois cloth to one of my worn jock straps and give it a go. It gives me something soft to clean with and makes a sometimes hard job easily to accomplish. A hint. You can do this by yourself, but if you got any buds, the more the merrier.

I've been known to be handy with my tools. I keep some in the garage and some in the basement workshop. That way, when I need a wrench to work on the Harley or need to tighten up some garden tools, mowers, trimmers, whatever, I only have to reach up and grab the right tool.

As my dad always said, there is the correct tool for each specific job. I found that having the toolbench is a blessing. You have a place above it to store tools within your reach. I have also used it for pleasure. You'd be amazed how guys get off when they see a toolbench. I always had this fantasy about the night crew at the Home Depot. There must be a lot going on in the tool correl after hours. The saw horses alone can really cum in handy.

As with any tool, please read the instructions before using. But used safely, buffers and several other power tools and hand tools can get almost any job done.


no milk said...

all this talk about tools is making me horny :P

cola boy said...

I could use a tune-up from a mechanic like that! :)

ROBOCUB said...

I have a pretty well stocked toolbox. Some are actually hand me downs form my dad. I used to have one of those red metal toolboxes but eventually my tool collection grew so much that I needed a bigger toolbox. My man, Eddie, got me one at a Sears when we were up in Vermont. That was hot to me. My tools are mostly for household things and electronics, not really mechanics like cars.