Tuesday, May 17, 2005

We Love Our Pooches. A Dog is a Gay Man's Dependable Friend

There is a Bravo TV program called "Showdog Moms and Dads" that has featured a gay couple have two dogs, Daisy and Liberace. Oh brother.

While most of us don't have pets for the sole purpose of championship competition, there are gay brothers who enjoy grooming and training championship show dowgs.

Brandon and Ryan from Seattle do just that. They proudly acknowledge that their dogs are better dressed than most humans. Their pampered pooches get their teeth whitened by a human dentist. But these guys can't seem to share their love of showing their dogs. They are always fighting and seem quite tempermental, even more so than their show dogs could ever be.

That aside, we have our dogs because we need their unconditional love. But they are needing as well. And we fulfill that need admirably. Our dogs need a home, they need to be loved, nutured and led. They earn our trust and we theres. There's this mutual sense of bonding, companionship, nuturing. A dog is a gay man's most reliable companion.

I don't know if any of you brought your dogs into your relationships, acquired them during a relationship, or whatever. What I do know is that you love your dogs very much.

Feel free to share your stories about how you found your dogs, what attracted them to you, how they have changed your lives. WOOOF, WOOOF.


cola boy said...

We love our two dogs, Logan and Sydne, very much. I can't imagine life without them now. (That's Logan in my avatar)

Cement Brunette said...

Never had a dog in a relationship, but my last two relationships were certainly headed for the doghouse.

hbjock said...

That gay couple is so cute... although they're a bit extreme about their dog =). Then agian, I guess they treat their dog like a true offspring, so I guess that's ok =)

Tomboy said...

Lezzers LOVE their dogs just the same as you boys...Especially our pit/boxer mix Poppie whom we affectionately call our shameless hussy. Afterall, she did once beg a breast feeding mammy to put her baby aside so she could have a go. In the company of friends at a pub here in SF, this woman did laugh out loud. But poor Pops had to starve until breakfast the next morning.