Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It's Not Too Late To Put Together That Special Outfit 4 Gay Pride

I don't know about you, but I'm like a kid waiting for Daddy Santa when Gay Pride month approaches.

I really enjoy going to the various parades and festivals that seem to sprout being the first weekend in June and end with the big parades in New York and San Francisco.

But what to wear? That has always been the challenging question for gay men for the past two decades.

If it was me, I'd only wear a jock and a pair of bike cop boots. But since some modesty is in order, I'd like to share some do's and don'ts to putting together the right look for you.

DON'TS: Never buy anything made of white see-through mesh. It doesn't even look right on the Undergear models.

DO Buy a mesh tank or muscle T, but make sure it is black. They are now blended with some lycra, so always order the next larger size. They can give you an awesome look, mixed with jeans, (white 501's if you dare) or black 501's.

DON'T Buy anything from International Male or Undergear if you honestly feel that the item only looks good on the shaved chest model with blonde hair and you are beefy and hairy and not blonde.

DO Buy the item if the model somewhat resembles you in physique build and facial tones. One item that I really wanted from Undergear and never got because they sold out very quickly was the Ulloa black mesh front cupid tank featured on the back cover of the February 2005 Undergear catalog. It is awesome and simple, but very sexy.

DON'T order anything at the last minute from Brawn, California Muscle, Undergear and almost anyone else. The hottest items are either sold out or never arrive on time. Trust me on this one. However I recently found a site, that lives up to its reputation of fast order turnaround. They carry N2N club wear which is awesome and affordable. So I did order a plain shear black tank from them along with a blue mesh Muscle T.
I ordered them last Friday and received them on Monday, with free shipping. That can't be beat.

DON'T EVER WEAR LEATHER SHORTS for Gay Pride. They never look good on anyone. Guyz confuse leather shorts with underchaps. Underchaps are leather snug fitting shorts worn with leather bike chaps. They work together. You can go bare butt wearing chaps, but never just the underchaps. Also never wear your leather vest or harness with leather shorts. Save that hunky harness or vest for a nice pair of denim Levis. Or pair a nice white fitting T shirt with your bar vest and jeans. WOOF.

I know you have your own favorite places to shop. I found never shop from Fredericks of Hollywood. Their club wear and underwear is junk, poorly crafted, junk from China. Shop reputable stores and look for tight fitting clinging tanks from N2N, Undergear, Savage, Whittal and Shon, RIPS, Brawn, California Muscle, Jocko, YMLA, Calvin Klein and C-in 2, 2ixt, Ulloa, baskit and others. I used to love a brand called MC sportswear that made the hottest tanks, but unfortunately, they seem to no longer be in business.

Get the right look, smile and who knows, this Gay Pride may be the most memorable yet.


cola boy said...

Thanks for the shopping tips. Wise information, indeed. :)

Cement Brunette said...

My exboyfriend put this in my head years ago: I always wanted to dress up like C-3PO with a big pink scarf or something and walk around saying really gay things. Or Chewie with a leather harness...that would be hot.

hbjock said...

Some people are so lucky... our Pride parade sucks. And who wants to go to a parade on an island that's smaller than hell meeting people that you'd rather not see =). You could just go to any gay bar on any given night here and see the same people that are going to be in the parade ;).

Oh well, at least someone's having fun out there! =)

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but I think thongs on men should be illegal... as well as short shorts.

But that could be my own bias... I like my men masculine... not.. fruity ;)