Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Did You Happen To Hear The One About The Gay Blade Who Leaped To His Death, Jumping from the Upper Floors of a Roman Castle?

Wh;en you thought you may have read or heard everything, a story in today's Washington Post proves you wrong.

It was reported in the news today the suicidal death of Flamboyant lobbyist, Edward von Kloberg III. This dude was known as a legend of sorts in public relations circles, counting as this clients Saddam Hussein, Nicolae Ceausescu, disposed dictator of Romania, and other third world dictators.

Von Kloberg's slogan was, "shame is for sissies". He had an unabashed sense of Edwardian living, dressing dapper and arriving at galas and balls wearing black capes, arriving up with his boy toy in long black limos, always wanting to make the grand entrance. I guess wearing all those capes convinced him that he could fly. Instead his body was splattered on the streets of Rome.

A lengthly suicide note was found on his body, according to US Embassy officials in Rome on Sunday. This dude was quite full of himself. For one, the "Von" in his name was made up. He was not of any European royality, just a queen trying to make a good impression. He was known to throw intimate dinner parties, at last count over 3500 dinners, each with 12 guests.

He put on a sense of dignity, training himself to speak with a high class Rooseveltian accent. He draped foreign medals on his tuxedos. One of his black capes was lined with red, the other with prints of doves. How divine!!! Oh brother.

As a youth, he was pampered by older female relatives. I guess he had the mommy complex.
He flunked out of Princeton in the early 60's, eventually graduating down the road at Rider College in Lawrenceville, NJ, across from New Hope, PA in 1965. At that time, he was a queen in training.

He opened his public relations practice in 1982 and started courting the rich and famous. He hit some scandals and rough roads in his life, but his diplomatic friends never abandoned him.

He tested his perspective clients by asking them to pay his first class airfare along with $5000 per day business expenses. He was a globe trotter, his social calendar was demaning and he had a rule in case a party was a flop, to find the back exits well ahead of time.

He suffered in later life with cancer, diabetes and the inner ear condition known as Meniere's disease, a ceaseless ringing in his ears. When going to the hospital for various ailments, he usually brought 5 trunks of luggage. What a showoff!!

The article listed his survivors as his companion Darius Monkevicius of Rome and a sister, Carol van Kloberg of New York. May he RIP.

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