Thursday, May 26, 2005

Light My Fire. Favorite Ways to Spend and Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend

I look forward to the Memorial Day weekend because it officially starts the summer season.

Most places in the US and Canada are still chilly this time of year. But how many of us want to go to the beach in places like Delaware and P-Town? BURRRH. Pensacola Beach in Florida is the exception. I had some nice Memorial Days there, with or without the Circuit Party.

The past several years, I have participated in the Rolling Thunder motorcycle ride to the Vietnam Memorial Wall. A sea of thousands of guys ride their Harleys and Honda Goldwings to this annual event. What disappoints me, however, is how invisible gay men are, when they attend the ride. Most gay men who belong to motorcycle clubs tend to stay away, attend gay club runs elsewhere, or just stay invisible.

I love to ride my bike shirtless as you well know. So maybe this year, more gay guys will be there. If you like to ride, consider this ride on Sunday. Ride shirtless with a big grin on your face. That's how you'll find me, goosebumps and all.

Just getting outside and enjoying the weekend helps me unleash the cool weather blues built up over the winter and spring. It's a time for renewal, for reflection, for being one with nature, whether you garden, pour concrete, play in the mud, whatever.

How do you guys spend the weekend? More laid back or plunging in? Feel free to share your plans.

Whatever you do, have a safe and enjoyable weekend. You guys rock. Big hairy muscle hugs of brotherhood and friendship. Just remember the spirit of the day, honoring our dead brothers who fought and died for us, never being able to fight openly as gay men.


Will said...

The husband and I will be hosting a dozen or more men for a sweat lodge party deep in the woods by a pond on his property. We'll gather in late afternoon, build a fire with the stones deep inside it, then rake them out of the coals and transport them in buckets into the sweat lodge. We'll get naked and sit in the lodge, steam from the hot rocks purging us of tensions and toxins as we remember men we have lost and honor those we love. There'll be chanting, reminiscences, storytelling, and affection in the heat and the dark.

Later, after showers and some playtime, we'll share a pot luck dinner with loving and laughter. We do this once a month and they are among the favorite events in my life.

Have a great weekend yourself.

cola boy said...

I wanna go to the sweat lodge. LOL!!! ACtually, I'll be preparing for GayDays Weekend which will be the weekend after.

hbjock said...

You know, you could've just came here to Hawai'i for the weekend... what a combo... beach, sun, and military history with the Arizona Memorial, all wrapped up in one =). And of course there's me.. just be gentle when you "tap" my ass ok? =)) Heheheh..