Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Fall 2005 TV Season. Potential Bombs and Breakout Shows

Yes, as May sweeps wind up tonight, the TV networks have announced their new Fall 2005 TV schedules.

There were some surprises. For instance FOX announced that it was bringing back the darling of the critics, "Arrested Development" for a third season, this time, Monday nights, 8 pm ET. IT also is offering some new shows. One in particular that sounds interesting is Bones, a drkly humouous hour show about a forensic anthropologist with Emily Deschanel and the Angel hunk, David Boreanaz. Another potential bomb or hit is "the Gate", set in San Francisco. Always like TV shows which feature the Bay area. Very pleasant on the eye.

The biggest surprise from all the nets was that none of them was introducing any new reality shows. Except for the bombs like the Contender, all were expected to return to the fall schedules.

Plenty of copycat shows, as usual. One is Ghost Whisperer staring Jennifer Love Hewitt, as a medium who can talk to the dead. Sounds alot like NBC's Patricia Arquette show, the Medium.

CBS wants to remain king of Monday nights since Raymond is finished. Two and a Half Men takes over the coveted 9 pm Monday spot. A "new" show starring "new" faces, Stockard Chaning and Henry Winkler, called "Out of Practice" gets the plum 9:30 pm slot after "Men".

NBC got "the Martha" for another version of the Apprentice. Since the net has fallen to fourth place in the 18-49 category, they didn't seem too worried and didn't offer much in the way of variety.

ABC fresh off its hits, "Desparate Housewives, Lost and Grey's Anatomy, found that they can build on these hits by moving some of their reality shows around like SuperNanny.

All in all, not any true breakout shows. The WB and UPN, the weblets, are juggling their lineups a bit. Smallvile and Everwood move to Thursdays on the WB and UPN has moved Wrestling to Fridays.

We just need to see more eye candy. Let me know what shows you feel will be hits and what will be misses. Everyone' s a TV critic these days.



I only watch Alias, Desperate Housewives, Las Vegas and sometimes the Super Nanny. Whatever happened to the show that was supposed to be about two gay interior decorators that would wind up being detectives each week? Is that coming out? I most wanted to see that. I will say, Grays Anatomy has surprised me. I was like "ick... not another medical drama." But I have loved every episode to much of my surprise.

AC said...

Haven't seen Desperate Housewives. I have enough drama in my own life! Besides, ever since Laura Bush identified herself as a "desperate housewife" I just haven't been able to watch the show...

Vince said...

Thank goodness there seems to be a lack of reality television coming down the pike. I can't stand that crap.

cola boy said...

We love Desparate Housewives, Alias, and 2 of the CSI's (LV and Miami). I also love Arrested Development - one of the most twisted comedies out there.

I am also ready for the 5th (and final) seasons of Six Feet Under and Queer as Folk.

I haven't seen anything new that really catches my eye, yet. We used to watch Smallville religously because of the hunk factor but the storylines this past season got really dumb. I love eye candy but hate a bad plot line.