Tuesday, May 10, 2005

It's Just the Way It Is

I spent Mother's Day with my Mom. She was thrilled that I visited her. It was mostly a working visit, do some exterior paining, planting her front flower garden and planting her window boxes and flower urns. I enjoyed every minute of it. It felt good to see her and help her around her house.

Driving back from her house, of course, there was plenty of highway construction going on. The weather was warm, but didn't see any construction crew dudes shirtless. Oh how I remember when I was a teenager and the family would go on vacation, I would see several hunks shirtless on the road crews. I sure miss that. Seems guys have to cover up now with these sleeveless reflecting vests. It used to sure make driving a lot more fun.

Speaking of fun, what did you guyz do this weekend? Hoping you visited or called your moms.

It did feel good washing the car shirtless when I returned home yesterday. Had the new garden guy who mulches the neighborhood trees looking with interest at me as he explained to me that his crew had replaced last year's mulch around the trees with new mulch. Being an active member of the homeowner's association has its perks.

So much for lust. It makes the world a better place to live. And speaking of hunks. how about Doug Savant stripping on Desparate Housewives on Sunday. He definitely has been working out. WOOFS. Appreciated the eye candy.


cola boy said...

Yep. We saw Dougie in all his glory, in hi-def on our 50-inch screen. Yummy!

Patrick said...

Nope missed Dougie and his chest. :( But I do like your site and its hairiness. ;) For Motehr's Day I took my mom to a local park cafe along with my labrador Bella. We walked along a beautifully landscaped trail and took the pooch for a swim in one of the nearby creeks. All the best, Patrick of QueerVisions.com

Will said...

I take it you're becoming an expert on mulch really quickly! :-)

Hopefully, by the middle of next week the boys will be out running here in Boston in just athletic shorts and nothing else.