Friday, December 17, 2004

Wishing every WOOOFy guy a Holly Jolly Holiday season

I really feel extra blessed this year to have met so many wonderful guys who stopped by to read my blog.

I'm hoping that everyone was informed and the subject matter got you to think about issues that face us as gay men everyday.

Our lives are not easy ones. We face discrimination, bigotry and the red voter. We get picked on because of who we are. Well we're not going away, but to the contrary, will continue our battle to win equality with straights.

A lot of us, from the blogs we write, are very pissed off about the inequality of our relationships.
Even if it takes charm and bear hugs on our part, we need to continue to win over public opinion.

I feel that when we can solve our own personal challenges, then we can demonstrate to the world that we are these cool guys, the boys next door, who keep their lawns cut, their houses clean, and contribute, on the local level, to the well being of the neighborhood where we live.
Maybe by starting at the bottom, this grass roots approach, winning converts over to our cause, might, in the long run, be the best path to follow.

Personally, I think we are unstopable. We can continue to channel our energies to make us even better lovers, better tops, better men.

I also know from a reliable source that Daddy Santa is going to be extra generous to all fuzzy guys and their admirers this year. He feels that we've had a rough year, and is going to be extra accomodating to our needs this year. So all of Daddy Santa's helpers, and you know who you are, be ready to assist him in every way you can. Make Christmas morning a very memorable, pleasurable experience for your partner. Giving is always better than receiving.

I'd like to leave you with warm wishings for everything you desire, woofy sex, and above all, big hairy muscle hugs. I love you.


cola boy said...

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, stud!

Greg said...

Well said, Buff. And, hooray for Daddy Santa! I can't wait for him to stop by my humble home. :)

Tom said...

Best wishes for a fantastic holiday season! said...

i was good last year, but unless you cum back soon, buff, i may start to be really naughty! i miss your posts. cum back to the five and dime, buff! and feel free to cum in the buff, too. WOOF!

Celcius said...

Well Said.

I'll be watching your blog with interest.

Happy New Year


buff said...

Thanks guys for all the posts. You are the ones who make blogging rewarding and worth the effort. You are amazing.