Monday, December 13, 2004

Musings and Mumblings

"I bet you can squeal like a pig" Something a top daddy says when he's play rough.

"I have nipples, Greg, could you milk me?" A come-on line like I've ever heard. But only good for Gregs.

Baking cookies. You see these elves on TV baking cookies, but it ain't like that. I had this urge to bake cookies on Saturday. So I did. These are really good, melt in your mouth sugar cookies loaded with three sticks of butter, sugar, flour and lots of love. You refrigerate the dough several times, then rolling it out, then using cookier dough cutouts, make the shapes. You refrigerate one more time, then bake about 10 minutes, making sure you don't overbake.
Yummy, Yummy. And getting some spatters of cookie dough on a hairy chest and slowing licking and devouring it, it's something very heavenly. An added benefit.

"I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way." That would be my ideal man. WOOOF.

Decorating the Christmas tree. I had that pleasure this weekend as well. Getting the tree into the house is only half the battle. Putting it into the tree stand, just so, can be challenging. But it is definitely worth the effort. I like to trim lights on the tree first, then decorate it with ornaments. I got several Harley bike ornaments for the tree so naturally, they are placed first.
After another several hundred or so it seems, it's time to top the tree. I especially like that.

Hoping you guys had a great weekend, getting into playful mischief. A start of another work week is upon us. So make it happen. Big hairy muscle hugs to get your engines started. Til then.

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