Thursday, December 02, 2004

Practice What You Preach

Yesterday marked yet another somber observance, World AIDS Day. This is one rememberance I would prefer not to happen.

Some of us have lived through more than a decade of AIDS now. I was a pup in my early 20's and just coming out when newspaper articles and TV reports surfaced about the disease.

If only top guys would follow this simple rule, ANAL SEX = CONDOMS, then I wouldn't still be writing about this today.

Why would a top man want a bottom to be exposed to this? To live a life determined by hourly drug dosages isn't a kind of life I would wish on anyone. If we are to be legally recognized in society, we must take the initiative on ourselves to stop the spread of AIDS.

We must show the world as we as gay men, are not rectless, but responsible members of society.

Why is this so hard to accomplish? Guys have been browbeaten, seduced, influenced by the safe sex message for a decade now. But it hasn't worked. Seeing photos of skeletons and AIDS ugly side effects are now history. There is the cocktail. A guy can look buff and still be HIV +. No one but his medicine cabinet need to know his status. This is dead wrong.

So the next time any of you who read this have unprotected sex, do you really want to be part of the positive tribe? If I could pursuade you that the negative tribe is cooler, sexier, and has a lot of benefits, wouldn't you consider it?

I want to see all of you live to evolve into hot muscledaddies, musclebears and musclecubs. But you got to live to 35 to achieve this. Don't go out in a fucked up blaze of destruction. Live healthy, sexy lives. So one day, we can greet each other in hairy muscle embraces, celebrating our lives, not someoneelse's past life.


Greg said...

It's scarier out there now. Barebacking seemsto be making a re-surgeance; I can't understand that after seeing all the risks. AIDS/HIV info was shown to us in high school; it was a threat, and now that it's reached pandemic proportions, the church and world governments are still turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to it. I'll bet if one world leader were to announce his/her HIV status as positive, the ball would get rolling. said...

i second that. even though i am a pozitivo, i still swear by latex. had i known at the tiime that the man i was in a relationship with didn't respect me enough to tell me, or to stop fucking me when the condom broke, i would be on the negativo side. aye, but we all learn from our experiences. and yes, being on the hottie muscledaddy, muscle bear, and musclecub side is cooler. i wish i were one of you. this is one time i don't feel bad for telling you to stay on your side of that fence! but we can still play nice with each other. with latex!

Anonymous said...

Hairy muscle embraces sound so idyllic... Someday perhaps. -F