Saturday, December 04, 2004

Moans and Groans and an occasional Grunt

Moan: The continued saga of Alexander. In the "Need Wood" column, Woody Miller speculates that Alexander the Great was a jackhammering Top who only bottomed for Hephasestion. Continuing the agrument, Woody goes on to write:"No way could Alexander afford to have his "topulinity" questioned." Will have to devote an entire blog entry in the future ot "Topulinity".

Groan: Porn star Mark Dalton is behind bars. Seems that poor Mark has been keeping company with 40 other inmates in the Denton County Texas Law Enforcement Center since November 4. He had his probation revoked for a 2001 convictin for possession of a controled substance. Mark faces a 5 year prison sentence. His ass will have plenty of rides to give in order to keep that pretty face of his intact.

Moan: Reichen continues to steam up the gay press. He's featured on the hot cover of the 2004 holiday cover. WOOOF. Too bad he shaves his chest. He does know how to growl a lot, from what I've seen in the catalog shots.

Groan: Dishing straight wedding cuisine. Seems that caterer waiters are dishing the wedding reception food. Yea, who really likes sugary 4 tier wedding cake that is usually stale. Ugh.

Grunt: Why are bearmen continued to be misunderstood? We come in various shapes and sizes. It REALLY is a state of mind. And this hangup about fat. Sure some bearmen are burly but there are others who are musclebears and musclecubs. GROOWL.

Super sized Groan: A posting has been spreading about gay men intentially getting infected with HIV because only then, they rationalize, that they can get adequate clinical care because HIV as a disability is accepted in the medical and insurance community. God, who would ever believe that HIV positive men are perceived to be living "very healthy" These guys do need medical attention if they believe that AIDS is far less depilitating than emotional instability.

I'm through mouthing off for now. Would rather give each of you big musclebear hugs. Til later.

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