Wednesday, December 15, 2004

"Naked Boys Singing" banned in Atlanta

Whoa, Scarlet. Them's fighting words.

The Atlanta police have shut down the local production fo "Naked Boys Singing" at the Armory bar for putting on adult entertainment without a license.

Three non-uniformed members of the license and permits unit of the Atlanta Police Department, went to the bar, observed the 8 pm show, in a room adjacent to the bar, and then issued the owner with a citation. The police unit thought it was pornographic.

Again the red states take issue with gay subjects. What was correct in a dozen or more cities where "Naked Men Singing" has played, isn't so for Atlanta.

The Atlanta mayor has also come under fire for the closure. So even in large urban areas like Atlanta, gay men are being subject to abuse. And this kind of thing can only continue.

Having a group of hunky guys with singing voices exposing themselves in a purely sensual way is in no way immoral. Nothing provocative is happening. Everyone is having a great time. So what's the big deal? No minors are seeing it. It is entertainment for adults who like guys singing in the buff. But instead, Atlanta authorities see this as a morality issue.

I guess they rather see the audience engaging in unsafe sex someplace else than being entertained by guys in the flesh. I applaud the owner for intending to defy the order and planning on continuing the production. This is a story in progress. Stay tuned for further developments.

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cola boy said...

Yes, keep me updated. I saw the show in New York and really loved it. And you were one was being harmed by viewing it and no sex was happening.