Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Kissing many frogs before you find your Prince Charming

Don't laugh at me. I indulged myself and watched the Nanny Reunion last night on Lifetime. It was pure nosh, but it was good to see almost everyone back. The actor who plays Niles had a prior engagement. Pity.

Fran Fine had her Prince Charming all along. She just had to make her move. While we may not be as fortunate as Fran, there is that one special guy out there for each and every one of us.

I know the thought of plowing through net personals and making dates or spending weekend nights at the bars is challenging, but in the long run, it can make a difference between happiness and unfillment. Treat each encounter going into it as a special challenge. Each date or hook-up is a reflection on yourself. You can grow from the experience or suffer. It's your call.

Remember don't post personals that aren't truthful. If you're buff and muscular, post a full recent body shot of yourself showing off your best assets. Don't say you are stocky when you are bloated. The truth has a way of catching up with you.

Some of the sites like http://www.dudesnude.com and http://www.guys4men.com have this computer based option that finds compatibility. It is a great way to find guys who are like yourself and have mutual interests. Remember to fill out your profiles honesty. Let 21st century technology take the guessing out of mating.

This will take time, but be patient. It will happen. And if it has already, congratulations. You are lucky guys. In the meantime, I'll be there giving big hairy muscle hugs for encouragement.


cola boy said...

I admit it...I, too, watched the Nanny Reunion. It was always funny, quite bawdy at times, and she got to wear some fabulous gowns over the years.

And I agree. You need to keep looking for the right person. Giving up just leads to unhappiness. And while you are looking surround yourself with friends as they will help you make it through.

Greg said...

I met my last bf through the Yahoo Personals, and we were together for 4 years. I think they work, but you still have to be careful. I've met quite a few frogs that I didn't even want to kiss.

buff said...

Greg: Glad to read that personals worked for you. Unfortunately to get to the prince, you got to sort through the frogs. Such is life.

Cement Brunette said...

Hey, one man's frog is another man's prince(ss)...ribbit

buff said...

To This Charming Man: How true that is. It's those toads that you got to watch out for.