Friday, January 20, 2006

What's On My Mind? Beefcake!

The other day I was doing my usual Google searches for interesting topics to write about when I came across an interesting article about beefcake calendars. Yea, I still have this fantasy about 12 of us being featured in a calendar someday to raise safer sex awareness.

The author, Byron Beck, writes Queer Window in the weekly Willamette Oregon weekly. Check him out at

Darn it, that click button gave me three images of the NYC 2006 firefighters calendar Byron was writing about. Well, as they say, all good things come in threes. WOOOF.

Anyway, Byron writes that the Portland firefighters calendar missed a golden financial opportunity to be more revealing and thus more profitable. They didn't show enough skin, and that's too bad. For me, showing skin is a healthy expression of who I am. It makes me feel good to see guys who express their bodies without shame and who take pride in themselves as active gay men.

Byron likes his beefcake and so do all of us. These calendars have been around for a while. They are a source of additional income for organizations and groups. Some are duds, but others have become institutions.

For gay men, images of beefcake can make or break our day. And if it's for a good cause, why not? The FAB 5 on Queer Eye thought the same thing on a recent episode. They invade the straight world of the Fraternal Order of Moose and bring their magic touch to the lodge. These Moose guys seem to be a good natured bunch and the FAB 5 enlist them for a calendar project to raise funds for their various charities. They have not been very successful in recent years raising funds, so they were game for a beefcake calendar shoot.

Some of the guys are hunky and did some hot shoots being macho construction workers or sitting on a throne, or other manly occupations. It definitely was one of their better programs.

Kyan is in charge of "checking out the goods". Oh brother. But the photographer was awesome and most of the shoots emerged quite woofy. Only one guy, the youngest of the Moosemen, came off as stressed out. And he just had an "ok" bod.

It just goes to show that even straight men who aren't afraid of their bodies can get together, strip down and enjoy the flow. Just think of what a bunch of hot gay guys would do in the same situation. Quoting Bryon, "We pick up these things (beefcake calendars) up in the first place to raise our temperatures-and a few other things, too." I can't argue with that.


Tony said...

Hey Buff---
Ya got the blood pumping amonst a few other things this morning. One pic is enough but a threesome collage of the same gorgeous hunk is an 'explosion.'

I saw that FAB 5 episode this past week on the MOOSE calendar. I had to laugh because the straight guys really did get into it and enjoy it. Heck, the crowd at the club party and unveiling were sure into the scene. And it appeared as if the calendar was generating the needed income and interest in membership.

Agree, there is no reason to be uncomfortable with our 'naked' selfs. HMMMMM! A beefcake calendar of the BuffTuff's bloggers...I like it! And we crown you as Mr. January, the lead page!!!!! Have to set the right tone for the calendar.

Robert said...

Beefcake for breakfast? Hell, ya!

Will said...

I am a lover of images of male beauty. Hanging over my desk are my annual Jeff Palmer calendar and a large picture of Adriano Marquez, dressed only in a knit cap and a cockring, that I look at regularly just to remind myself all over again what magnificent creatures men are.

Teddy Pig said...

Ah but, I don't flaunt what I don't gots either. I'll do it but you gotts help get me back into shape to do these things. It's been years since I was suspended and whipped mostly naked in front of the MAL crowd. For demonstrtion purposes only, I might add.

cola boy said...

We watched the episode last night and I thought it was great. The US really needs to lighten up.

Southman said...

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JB said...

What can I say?


I love muscles.