Thursday, January 12, 2006

Predictions For What's Left of the New Year

Seems like everyone has there own take on predictions for the New Year. Here are some of my picks:

1. Brokeback Mountain will win at least one Oscar.

2. The Pitt-Jolie baby will be a girl.

3. The Dow will fall back under 11000.

4. Alito, unfortunately, will be confirmed as the next US Supreme Court justice.

5. Queer Eye will do a gay wedding show. The grooms will lock Carson in a closet and get fitted for his and his leather tux.

6. If it doesn't snow much on the East Coast by March, it will be a mild winter. The Groundhog, however, will see his shadow.

7. Southern Decedance in New Orleans will return with a vengence, bigger and better.

8. The winner of 2006 International Male Leather in Chicago on Memorial Day weekend will be bearded and muscular. He will win because he looks the hottest in a bar vest.

9. More gay male couples will marry this year in Canada, UK and Massachusetts. Some will be famous. Some who have already married will get divorced as well.

10.. All of you guys will continue to be studly, cuddly and hunky.


Tony said...

Hey Buff....
You're looking pretty good if that picture is a current one. Who'd know you had surgery. Hey I hope that bearded and muscular 2006 International Male Leather is going to be YOU - ya fit the description buddy.

cola boy said...

11. And Buff will continue to post ultra hot and sexy pics for the excitement of all his readers. Woof! Another great shot, stud!

Spider said...

12. Each time I look at that picture this year I will get hard all over again.

Will said...

13. Your readers will continue to have a great time with your wit and wisdom--and with the strong aroma of testosterone that seeps through the computer screen every time a picture of you is on it.

Derek said...

any predictions for yourself Buff?

Breezy said...

Being a native of New Orleans, I want to thank you for thinking positively about Decadence 2006. I hope my lovely city comes back in many ways and that we're not forgotten by government officials.