Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year and other stuff

Howdy guys. Wishing you the best of New Years. Hoping that Daddy Santa brought you everything you wanted.

My Holiday was a little different this year. I had to skip being one of Daddy Santa's helpers. That was a downer. My Mom visited. She is very sweet and the visit went fine, but something was missing.

As I saw her off yesterday at the boarding area of the airport, (thank goodness that relatives can get to see their Moms and Dads to the boarding area) I had mixed feelings. Maybe because of going through security with my new titanium hip which did present its own challenges, I felt that things did personally change for me in 2005.

But you cope. Everyone changes their lives to fit the situation. It could be worse, you tell yourself. So you get on with your life.

With that in mind, here are my resolutions for 2006.

1. Getting rid of this f@#king cane. I have found that a cane, even if I was shirtless, is not a positive thing. It is an annoyance. It doesn't get you any pity sex. Nothing. So a shirtless hairy hunk would be better off walking his dog than walking with his cane.

2. Growing bigger tomatoes. I will start sowing seeds later next month and begin growing plants indoors. I enjoy that very much. There is always something about getting my hands dirty. So I will pick proven varieties that will yield more fruit. Never can get enough of fruit, guys.

3. Being a better top man. I feel that I let some guys down during this recovery thing. I guess you can tell your true friends during adversity. But I wasn't my usual self, these last several months. I need to continue on the soapbox promoting gay men's health issues, safer sex practices, and being there for gay men who have doubts about what it is to be a gay male. We continue to live in complex times. Those of us who have taken this path less traveled, can make it easier for newly active gay men to get it right the first time and enjoy gay life. "Brokeback Mountain", though a flick and fictional, is a good start. Setting safer sex examples is another way.

4. Doing more with less. As we get older, we have to face various challenges. Keeping up our bodies, our minds, our sense of humor. So I am going to make sure I can be the best I can personally be. But this takes a mindset. So I will try to be very positive and strong, but I won't accept things as they are. Together we can make life better for all gay men.

5. Appreciating the simplier pleasures of life. I will spend more time enjoying sunsets, watching wildbirds and squirrels at the bird feeder, breathing the spring and summer air, listening to good music, being sensitive to my surroundings.

6. Giving more hugs. A guy can never give enough hugs to another guy. I wasn't doing this much these past several months. When I did, the f@#king cane would fall to the ground. And I can't bend like I used to. But I continue working on that. Another reason for hot bottom guys and their good hips and knees, and showing them the appreciation they rightfully deserve.

So there are my resolutions for 2006. Predictions are the subject of a future blog post.

It wouldn't be me if I didn't wish all of you studs big happy hairy muscle hugs and best wishes for the New Year.


AC said...

More hugs is always a good thing. Happy New Year! Good to see you are still around. Bear Hugs, A

cola boy said...

Big hairy leather hugs to you, Buff, and a Happy New Year. And cane or no cane, I'd still give you sex. ;-)

Tony said...


Happy New Year! Quite the New Years Resolution list, but hey goals are good to have. Hey, who's that sexy man sitting in the yard (dah!!!) Lookin' HOT as ever! Guess you'll be settin' off alot more than airport security alarms - WOOF!

One of my New Years Resoluions was to break away from my semi-isolated area heere and make/meet more new gay friends. So far I'm off to a good start!

Anyway , the best!!

PS. ADAM if you see this/can you unrestrict your 'identity' menu to allow 'other' entries on your blog. Problems w/ the ol'system that won't allow me to set up any e-blog account. Hope all is well with you too. Good to see your back to blogging.

Spider said...

Buff - wonderful resolutions - if everyone in the world made these and kept them . life would be good! And if for some reason Cola Boy can't come through for you. just let me know - as first runner-up I am ALWAYS ready to "discharge:" my duties!

JB said...

Who's the faceless furry stud? The way the light catches that chest hair is so alluring...

As for the cane, I would've thought that'd be kinda sexy. You could use it as a whip.

Happy New Year!

Teddy Pig said...

I don't think I would have any issues with the cane at all. In fact canes have several positives I am sure I could show you.

Will said...

Have a great 2006--once the recovery period is complete, I suspect you'll be satisfying bottoms everywhere!

Warm hugs from Boston.

DEREK said...

Happy New Year! Just found your blog, it's awesome!


Skipper said...

You can start your resolutions off right with a big ol' hairy hug for me!

Anonymous said...

I was plesently surprised to see my pic posted here. To me, trully, a compliment...