Sunday, January 15, 2006

My Thoughts on "Brokeback Mountain" and "Book of Daniel"

Howdy men. Just got back from the multiplex to see, "Brokeback Mountain".

It is a tender love story with beautiful outdoor scenery depecting the wilds of Wyoming but shot in Alberta, Canada.

Our heros, Ennis and Jack, do have a deep love, which of course is ended by the death of Jack.

While I don't particularly like gay love stories that end in death, the story was realistic for the time period, the early sixties to late seventies.

I don't think I can do justice reviewing the movie. Just go see it. It is worth the admission.

It is well acted, Heath Ledger is brilliant as Ennis, and the music score is fantastic.

For their love to happen, one of them was the agressor, this being Jack, played by hottie, Jake
Gyllenhaal, makes the first move and keep up the sporatic, but long term relationship.

Both men marry but can not resist their love for each other.

Heath's Ennis is the quiet one, and the character I can relate to, the most. Though I have been the initiator on occasion, so I can also relate to Jack.

It's more about body heat and urges. These men need the emotional as well as the physical attraction each holds for the other. The bond is definitely there.

What I left the movie theater was a relief that I live in the world today, and not 40 years ago, as an open gay man. While things aren't totally easy for any of us, we do have the freedom to mate, to connect, to love one other far more openly than these men could ever dream of.

On a far lighter note is the new TV series, "Book of Daniel". Here gay and lesbian characters too face heartache, but also the support of an understanding family, though quirky as it may be.

The scenes and dialog flow much like "Desperate Housewives" but with a religious slant. The characters need to further evolve, but for now, the gay characters have acceptance within a complicated but funny world. No one has died on this series so far. Whatever the religious wrong doesn't like about this series, it is of no importance. The series, if it is successful, will have to grow on the public. To survive, the show has to find a wider and/or more devoted audience.

If you guys have seen either one of these gay themed entertainment "events", feel free to comment. For a blustry weekend, they provided some welcome escape as well as reflection.


cola boy said...

We enjoyed BBM very much. It is a sad story, and the ending really hits home when Ennis walks out with Jack's shirt.

I watched one episode of BoD and thought it was ok. If I didn't already watch Desparate Housewives I might be able to work it into my viewing schedule. I simply want it to survive to piss off the television stations that are dropping it.

Will said...

Book of Daniel is going to have to go toward some recognizable psychology in its characters and situations if it's going to hook me. I saw the first episode and it's pretty cartoonish, some of it being downright laughable--in the wrong way. Of course Aiden Quinn is worth looking at (as is Christian Campbell) under any circumstances, but I'm going to need more than just eye candy to keep me coming back.

JB said...

Haven't seen it yet, it's only just come out here. I've seen the image of Ennis with the shirt, and without even knowing the plot I thought it would be a tear-jerker. I'm just happy we can actually have some gay stories these days without people going nuts.

DEREK said...

man I really loved this movie, maybe soon we will have one come out where we actually have a happy ending too! This movie really hit a lot of heartstrings for me

wolveriner said...

Brokeback was good but I preferred Transamerica. There was so much anticipatio for Brokeback that it didn't really surprise me. I guess I am at a younger age and can't really relate to the social setting.

Breezy said...

I really enjoyed Brokeback Mountain. I felt it was sad that it had to end tragically, but it showed love between men as being possible and not freakish in any way.

I'm sad to say that Book of Daniel was cancelled. That sucks because I really enjoyed it. It didn't hurt that Aidan Quinn is a hottie either. hehehe