Friday, January 27, 2006

Oh the Sight of Shiny Chrome and Leather. Observations from the Motorcycle Show

Recently I ventured out to my first event involving crowds, the Motorcycle show. For a biker guy, this is almost like heaven. The glare of chrome just about everywhere and the smell of new leather. A lot of very hot bikes were on display, Harleys and custombikes, Japanese bikes, even some crotchrockets, Italian scooters and of course, dirt bikes. I even got my boots polished, but nothing like a bootblack would have done.

The Yamaha Star and the Kawasaki Vulcan lines were pretty impressive. Still these bikes cost more than 10 grand and are big bikes with 750 cc engines. The appear on the surface to be Harley knockoffs, but they do the rider plenty of motorcycle for the money. However, nothing beats or beatsoff the feel and ride of a Harley.

While my bike sits in the garage, I think wishful thoughts of warm, sunny weather, riding shirtless on my Hog. Then I will know that I have healed fully and that everything is right with the world again. Big hairy muscle hugs.


Mr. Pants said...

You will be fully healed and riding your bike in no time. You are venturing out and working on your stamina. :) Just you wait, before you know it, everyone will be trying to keep up with you.

Never been on a bike before and can only imagine what it is like. I think I might not be coordinated enough to ride one. Plus size is a factor when you stand at 6'5".

Woof, Daddy!

Tony said...


Like Scott says you'll be out on the road in no time and turning heads.

I half to admit something about shiny chromed bikes gets my blood going though you will probably never catch me on one. Just like the looks. I am an Orange County Chopper fan!!

And oh, leather...don't want ot go there. WOOF!

DEREK said...

great pictue of you man. Big woof!

Spider said...

Yes Sir - you will be back on the bike soon Sir... and looking better than ever! And that is ONE great pic also - WOOF WOOF

cola boy said...

When you get back on that bike, stud, you gotta snap a pic of yourself on it in the buff! Woof!

Teddy Pig said...

I love a big muscled fully chromed Fat Boy...