Friday, September 01, 2006

Salute to the Working Man

I know that all of you guys work hard for a living. Some of you enjoy your work alot, while others, would prefer doing something else.

Whatever the case, this Labor Day is a time to give yourself your due. Have a blast, enjoy the fellowship and brotherhood of another hard working man's stiff cock, lay back, and take a load off.

For whatever you do, this hug is for you, guys. Have a great Labor Day weekend.


TOS said...

Here's a WOOF and a sweaty bearhug for ya! Great pix!

Now one question that I've never been able to ask until now - doesn't the mesh catch the lil pubes and yank them out? I'd think that was terribly uncomfortable no?

Will you be laying back and taking a load... off? I hope so - sometimes it's nice not doing all the work ;-)

Happy Labour Day! (note the extra letter just for u)



... I'M IN LOVE !!!!




Kevin said...

Have a great long weekend too! We are off to Hairrison (a street fair in San Francisco) tomorrow, so I'm already looking forward to that! :)

Spider said...

Love the new look - love the pics of Buff as always!

Have a great weekend my friend!

Will said...

Leave it to you to salute the working man as major eye candy! Thanks for all those shots, and may I comment on just how good you're looking these days.

Fritz and I are dowingf what you suggest on our annual Work and Play Labor day Weekend. Guys who come to our Sweat Lodge monthly gatherings work with us by day on the property (this year taking down trees to make the road to our new house)and we all play together by night. It's a great working arrangement!

1dude said...

Love the new layout, better!! Fuck the advertisements! Keep posting those pics;))

TOS said...

Happy Labour Day!

cola boy said...

I like the redesign, Buff. And some more wonderful pics! Woof! Thanks!

CawfeeGuy said...

fantastic site!