Sunday, February 26, 2006

It's All In The DETAILS

Another Details magazine hit my mailbox the other day.

As always, it never fails to print some thought provoking articles definitely with a gay male slant.

This article which I am about to comment about, is something on the line of my recent Buck Angel post. However these guys are men, not trannies, but men with a big problem. These guys featured have such a sex drive in wanting to fuck a guy that they choose to have their sex castrated. Yes, you read that right, they put their manhood on the chopping block, so to speak.

One of the guys interviewed was quoted as saying, "God wanted me castrated or else I wouldn't get into heaven." Oh brother, so much for saying our prayers and doing good deeds.

There are more than 50,000 of these procedures done each year by American men. God, can't these guys find another way to release their urges. Sure we all got a very healthy sex drive, but it seems that these guys have concluded that there is no other way to stop this than by having their schlong cut off.

Doing so does have its side effects. Guys face osteoporosis, weight gain, loss of muscle mass and man boobs. And these are side effects when a skilled surgeon performs an operation. A botched castration can lead to death and if you do survive this kind of knifing, the mutants face an entire more horrifying set of demons. These sadomasochists just love to slice these guys up, and more than likely, a botched up castration is a sure fire way to end up humiliated at the local emergency room.

Some of this is done for the purpose of living "a shear fantasy". The reader "meets" "Steve" who had it done because his boyfriend wanted it. The boyfriend sees castration as a sign of perfection. You think the boyfriend also had his dick chopped off. Oh no, he wanted Steve to do it to carry out his own fantasys. What sick minds there are out there. And these poor mixed up souls go through with it to please their men.

So because they feel that sex is running their lives, they feel that castration is their only salvation for allowing them to lead "normal" lives. I think that living a life like this, without your dick, is living your own hell on earth.

The article ended with a profile of Chris. He got his "fix" as a Christmas present to himself. He says instead of hours on the internet, he can now watch the shirtless hunks on "Lost". And he just met an incredible guy. He says, "He, (the new guy) is perfectly fine with the change I've made." Which isn't surprising, he's a eunuch too. And guys like Chris, keep their "leftovers", their cut off testicles as sort of a remembrance. Now this is about the sickest thing I have ever read. But for Details readership, we are being educated with more information than I think is necessary. Afterall, I guess, this kind of "in your face" journalism drives sales.

What these guys needed was another guy who might have given them the love they desperately needed. Perhaps the "right" man might have persuaded them to curtail their sexual drive, with passion and love, exchanging quality for quantity. Then maybe not. I am ever the eternal optimist. I sure hope these guys can live with themselves. They endured perhaps the cruelest cut of all.


Teddy Pig said...

Ok, last article was about size queens and now this... Which just gives me the shakes...badly.
Going to these extremes is pretty well extreme.

You would think there needs to be more professional counseling these guys would have to go to BEFORE being allowed to do this.

And then the doctors who would do this without second thought...AMAZING!

cola boy said...

...simply and amazing subject, Buff. I can't fathom omeone wanting this done to themselves.