Friday, February 24, 2006

Tids and Bits, This and That, Odds and Ends

Since we all have recovered from Dead Eye Dick Cheney's follies in recent weeks, I thought I touch briefy on several gay male stories circulating on the web:

HOT TOPIC 1: The Institute for Gay Men's Health has launched a safer sex website catering to younger gay men. The site is called:

The L.A. based group has decided to focus attention to high risk groups of gay men and bisexuals, 18-29. The interactive nature of the animated site enables the visitor to click on various scenarios. It incorporates an animated cast of characters according to types of gay men found in our gay culture. It is definitely a step in the right direction. It shows guys having sex as well as practicing unsafe sex under risky behavior scenarios. I will have to check it out again when the site is updated to include an online connection.


In other interesting research conducted on gay men and sex, researchers at Utrecht University in Amstedam found that penis size is very important to gay self esteem. The researches questioned 251 gay men and the group's average age was 29.

In interviews conducted and summarized, the study concluded that these gay men perceived that the larger their cock, the more confident they were both in lovemaking and life in general.

It was also found that tahe majority of gay men believed that a large cock was the major aattrtaction for potential sexual partners. Also the researchers found that after a large cock, these guys listed important body parts as their stomachs and their skin.

While size has its attribute, it isn't the most critical contribution in having great protected sex.
It's how you use it that matters. Also I would have listed nipples and pecs as other parts of the male anatomy as attractions with body hair rounding out this "wish" list.

Stay warm, sexy, and just the way you are. WOOF.


Tony said...

I'm with you Buff...nips, pecs, and lots of hair to roudn things off. But you can add a nice round, juicy 'arse' in there too. Hot! Hot! Hot! Great info bud!

Teddy Pig said...

Well look at that... A whole study proving that size queens can't even function without a ruler.

Now back to the real world...

Body Hair

Last but not least...Knows his way around a dungeon and can use it.

In that order.

Spider said...

Guys with big dicks who use it as a measure of their self worth are kinda like guys who take up a sport (golf or fishing or hunting) that go out and buy all the best most expensive equipment, then look like an asshole trying to use it.

Give me beautiful eyes, intelligence, a sense of humor and some self confidence anyday - if I want 10" I can go to the produce department or to the rubber toy store.

cola boy said...

Buff, I wish I could agree with you on the "size doesn't matter" category...but it does. I would kill to get some size on mine instead of what God left me with. What I wouldn't give to be able to fill out a Speedo. I ain't looking for a monster in my pants, but something that would have kept guys from making fun of me in the shower in high school.

Will said...

I agree that it isn't all in the cock. I like to make love to a man's whole body, to explore and find out what turns him on and what makes him vibrant with sensation. And I like to use my whole body to stimulate all those different parts. Reduce a man to just five or six or eight inches is to miss the rest of a large and staggeringly rich feast.

Anonymous said...

That was pretty interesting. I like how they made everyone colors other than black and white. There's some misconceptions going on about race.

JB said...

Wish list?


Give me those, and I'm on my knees. I used to like 'em smooth, now I'm more into hairy musclecubs like myself.