Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sinful Delights: Sweet, Sexy Treats to Pleasure That Special Man on Valentine's Day

I've been giving Valentine's Day some thought on this Super Bowl Sunday afternoon. Daddy Cupid has asked me to be one of his arrow guys on Valentine's Day. Of course, I accepted. Not having being able to be one of Daddy Santa's helpers got me down. But now, with a purpose, I am definitely feel a whole lot better. Hope I can live up to the task.

So what are you going to do to make that special man in your life feel extra special on the 14th? I suggest some or all of the following:

I bought several boxes of what the manufacturer calls, "Precious Petals" You can get them at various chain craft stores. They are distributed by Hirshberg, Schutz and Co. These are boxes of 300 silk rose petals that you can set the mood with. I suggest scattering from the entry door to the bedroom and then layering the bedtop with them. This definitely creates the mood for some passionate lovemaking.

Wearing a pair of pullaway warmups with a red jockstrap underneath would provide for that unexpected moment as well. Your white Bike jockstrap could be worn as well, maybe adding some iron-on hearts or cupids would add to the occasion. If you got the time, go for it. Remember, it's the thought that counts.

I'm an advocate of edible sweet treats used for sucking and smearing on the naked male body.
I found these edible body icings that are consistent in texture to make some after dinner foreplay more than memorable, and without adding any calories. These can be found in various flavors at or at

Also the well known and yummy standby, whipped cream on a stiff cock can also be part of the fun. I suggest the Reddi-Whip aerosol can variety and a bottle of maraschino cherries, with the stems. Putting the cherry in your mouth dangling it from the stem and dropping it onto the body icing, whipped cream cock sundae will bring pure pleasure for both of you with every delectable lick.

Hoping this gives you some delicious ideas to make your Valentine's Day enjoyable and pleasurable. I know VDay falls on a weekday this year. That's why it's even more important that Daddy Cupid spreads as much safer mansex love around as possible. So guys, it's up to you to make your cutie pie feel like your studmuffin. Try to go beyond the box of candy and flowers this year. Doing something personal from the heart is the truest way of saying, "I love you".


Tony said...

Buff --

You're killing me with all these intimate touches. I'm running solo these days - no one special at the moment. But I guess I can dream.

I'm seeing one heck of a studmufffin in picture #3 on this post. I can imagine just where I'd place that spreadable/edible chocolate, whipped cream, and cherry right now. WOOF!

Spider said...

Oh man Buff - that is the HOTTEST pic of you yet... who ever is your Valentine is one lucky man...

Will said...

Body icings, hmmmmmm. My favorite men to make love with manufacture their own body icings. :-)

I favor a bottle of champagne, a large bouquet of roses and me naked in a red cockring as the perfect Valentine's gift to my man.

Derek said...

man I was needing some ideas. I may use some of these and add some! Great picture of you!