Wednesday, February 15, 2006

You Read It Here First, Or Maybe Not

That dude pictured on the right is a female-to-male transsexual porn star who's billed as "a real man with a real cunt". This does give new meaning to the term, "going through a phase".

See Buck Angel here is cashing in on unchartered porn territory, according to him. He describes himself growing up as the "proverbial straight guy trapped in a butch woman's body".

After transitioning ( going through the male hormones and breast reduction route), Buck became a "one of a cunt porn icon, not only making movies with gay men (among others), but making them largely for gay men.

Buck says that he is singlehandedly breaking down gay men's phobias in matters involving pussy and vaginas.
Quoting him, Gay men "finding me hot doesn't make them "not gay", because as you can see, I'm totally a man- I just happen to have a vagina." So as the saying goes in this case, and I can't take credit for it, for with Buck Angel, he believes that "two holes are better than one".

Buck bills himself as a hot, sexy guy with a serious following, and according to him, "never has to fake orgasms." This guy is definitely out of the box. He/she also supports the leather community. I would think there would be some controversy however, if he competed in International Male Leather.

This all goes to show that something or someone might not exactly be what he/she appears to be. Buck specializes in threesomes. No surprise here. Any takers?


Teddy Pig said...

Oh my, well he actually looks good for ummmm, OK I give.

Can I admit to being old fashioned and gay and I like cock? Is that wrong now? I mean I've never want to fuck pussy, so I guess I'm old hat.

This would not have anything to do with all that ruckus about the Leather Sir event in SF and about the rules not allowing biological men into the contest?

That's a hot topic I want to stay far away from because my opinion might cause heartburn and stomach upset.

Teddy Pig said...

I mean non-biological men... I think I need to go lie down.

Spider said...

He is a handsome man... the experience might be quite interesting - sure, sign me up!

raindog said...

He's not the first "man with a pussy" I've seen pictures of, but the first with a name and a website, which I found late last year. Maybe that served to prepare me when one of my girlfriends recently decided to take my virginity off my hands.

What I don't get is how a guy with a vagina can be a top. (Yeah, I know there are lots of dominatrixes out there, but female dominance is very rarely as sexual as male/male BDSM is.) It's kinda hard to feel you're on top when someone's inside your ass, and I would think having someone inside your pussy wouldn't make it too much easier. Sure, he could tie me up and do other stuff to me, but I'm kinda wed to the idea of my tops putting their penises inside me and being able to bust a nut.

Anyway, there sure are a lot of women with penises out there in the world, so I say it's about time for the other shoe to drop. Bring it on.

D. Travers Scott said...


Do you know the titles / production companies making the pornos? Curious how they're being marketed/positioned...

Teddy Pig said...

That's the website... Looks like the videos are niche market.

fgfdsg said...

He turned up recently in Titan's 'Cirque Noir', a film that completely confused me at who exactly the target audience was, since it had scenes with clowns having sex, which I can't imagine anyone possibly finding erotic, and then Buck's big revelation. Wee they aiming for some incredibly small niche market?

Strangely enough, Buck did nothing for me, appearing too feminine to turn me on, (i kept wishing the scene was just a duo), even before the revelation of the transexual aspect. Then my lack of interest made perfect sense.

Definitely wins the title of Most Ridiculous Mainstream Porno ever. Wish I hadn't bought the damn thing.