Friday, November 04, 2005

Peter Sarsgaard Is Burning Up the Screen Again With Two New Flicks

Our favorite movie hunk, Peter Sarsgaard, is back again, this time in two awesome movies, "The Dying Gaul" and "Jarhead". Gaul is in limited release and Jarhead opens everywhere, today, Friday.

The film, Gaul, revolves around Robert (Sarsgaard) and his sought after screenplay, "The Dying Gaul". Campbell Scott, costars as Jeffrey, an attractive, bi-sexual (here we go again stirring up the plot with the menancing bi-sexual) studio exec who approaches our hero with an indecent proposal of sex which hasn't been seen on the screen since I imagine, "Indecent Proposal". (Could that have been a gay porn flick?)

The exed want militantly gay Sarsgaard to change the gender of his script's central character from a man who is dying of AIDS to a woman, and offers him $1 million for the change and his troubles.

Our hero jumps for the hero and dives into bed with the bisexual Jeffrey. Robert proceeds, as Steven Holt reports in this weeks Washington Blade review, to change Jeffrey to a "really needy bottom".

The scenes are really hot and border on Falcon porn flicks. In particular, there's an unforgettable mutual masturbation sceen between Jeffrey and Robert. The camers is this close as Robert reaches what might be the greatest male orgasm Hollywood and the movie public has ever seen on the big screen. So that's reason alone to see this movie or check it out once it gets to DVD.

Not all of the movie is sex, and the conclusion of this film noir thriller is not for the squimish.

Craig Lucas, who lost his partner to AIDS in 1996, is a director who wants to tell the true story of man2man relationships and feelings. He doesn't sugarcoat what he wants to present on the screen. His visions are real, accurate, and don't exploit the story line. He achieves success because he can translate what he feels as a gay man onto the screen.

Without having seen it, I give it 4 heads up.

I almost didn't mention "Jarhead" which costars Peter as a fellow marine buddy of the title character played by Jake Gyllenhaal, the hunk of this movie. There is alot already written of his shirtless scenes in several blogs. Some have already said the shots of his chiseled body is definitely material to jerk off by. Hopefully this movie does as well for Peter. I read that Peter didnot have the time Jake did to pump up his body for the flick. But I'm sure our Peter won't disappoint us.


Spider said...

Is he not one of the HOTTEST HUNKS in Hollywood today - along with being an excellent actor he is a real stud. I think I have worn out the area on my CD of Kinesy with his frontal shots... He has the sweetest, most sexy smile.

cola boy said...

The Gaul film sounds mighty tasty! I'm sure I'll have to wait for it on DVD since limited-release pictures NEVER open in Orlando. The only culture we have here is the cups of yogurt in the supermarkets.

Chas. said...

I have read the play for THE DYING GAUL and it's some pretty intense stuff ... both emotionally and sexually. There a nice interview with Peter Sarsgaard over at NPR.

Will said...

Apparently Hollywsood had decreed that very rarely if at all do we get to see a gay character played by a gay man (at least a gay man we actually know about). But until that day comes Mr. Sarsgaard is absolutely my straight guy of choice to play ANY ROLE he wants to do. Talent for years and SO luscious!