Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Continued Cry for Safer Sexual Practices: Sounding the Alarm as Cases of Syphilis Increase Among Gay Men

New stats reveal that gay men account for 64 pecent of syphilis infections in 2004, compared to 5 percent in 1999.

There have been 7,980 new cases reported by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) of gay men with syphilis. While this number is small, experts say the stats are worrisome because increases in sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are indicators of projected increases in the transmission of the AIDS virus.

All of this because of the rise in risky sexual behavior by gay men. One cause is the growing use of crystal methamphetamine or Tina.

San Francisco, as usual, had the highest incidence of syphillis with a rate of 45.9 cases per 100,000 people. Atlanta, second with 34.6 cases and Baltimore third with 33.2 cases.

So with the rise in STDs comes the increase use of fluoroquinolone antibiotics. However there is increased resistance to the antibiotics in recent years, with a 6.8 percent rejection rate in 2004.

Some scientists and researchers attribute much of the growth to new and more aggressive screening programs rather than to increased transmission.

But because not all gay men report their symptoms, researchers estimate that as many as 2.8 milllion cases of STD occur each year for all sexually active who become iinfected, not only gay men. That is a staggering number and reason to be concerned.

The report concludes that the total number of STDs in the US each year is about 19 million, almost half of them among people ages 15 to 24.

These are sobering statistics. Again, if gay men used condoms during sex, some of this could be avoided. It's up to responsible top men to stop the spread of STDs. By playing safe, these infections could be drastically reduced.


Teddy Pig said...

and most likely a few bottoms should be insisting also.

Anonymous said...

Hey BuffTuff,

Thanks for the comment on my blog. You have some really interesting commenataries here and more...good to read.

As for STD/STI's it's the same all over, too much complacency regarding a cure for HIV etc and as a result more and more it is gay men that are falling victim and as a bye product the host of other infections are going through the roof too. The need for men to take responsibility is obvious, and then there are the guys that go out and shag guys and then go back to there unsuspecting b/f's..g/f's/...wives...another time bomb ticking.

I'll add you to my list if your cool with that.

Cheerio for now..Vince

Jim said...

Buuf, you are consistent with these good posts.

As someone who interprets these stats from CDC and NIH, I can tell you nailed the non response phenomenon on the head. It is much worse than it appears.

Yeah, tops should take the lead (they are, in theory, the aggressors) but piggy backing on Randimkill, bottoms should be unrentlessly insistent as well. In a postion that might compromise their health they should squarely kick someone in the balls. Oh, and they should be wearing the big-assed, steel-toed Harley boots at the time :)

Jim said...

You're consistent with these good post. You are also right about the non-response phenomenon. As someone who interprets these stats from NIH and CDC, I can tell you it is much worse that it appears.

Yeah, tops (who in theory are the aggressors) should take the lead but bottoms should also have their resolve in situations that could leave them compromised. In those situations they should squarely kick someone in the balls. (In those cases, they should be wearing the big-assed, steel-toed Harley boots :)

AC said...

Hey, Buff! Just wanted to let you know that I'd been asked by my employer to not blog under my real name, so I had to take it down. Not creating a new one at this point, but will definitely still visit yours! -Adam S

Teddy Pig said...


That's against the law and none of their business.

Tony said...

No offense Buff for sidetracking here, but I want to piggy back on what Randomkill mentioned to Adam.

ADAM- what business is it of your new employer on what you generate for a website - oh wait, I do have one thought having come from a corporate environment. In any event Adam, torque your name a bit....list it under or something. No wonder I haven't been able to pull up your site. Don't give it up, since it's a good outlet for stress, creativity, etc.

I'll have to check here periodically to see if you've listed a new site name, just in case you are tempted to do so.

Buff--sorry for hogging the floor!