Saturday, November 26, 2005

Is It Just as Manly for a Guy to Piss Sitting Down on the Toilet Seat As It is Standing and Peeing Into the Toilet Bowl? Curious Minds Want To Know

Now I can read your minds, thinking, this guy really has time on his hands during his recovery.

Well, I thought about this since in the course of my recouperation, I have had to piss either standing up or sitting or lying down. Because of my temporary limited mobility, the plastic urinal has been like a repository, always there to collect my piss while I am in bed.

But then in the morning I get my crutches and empty the urinal into the toilet. Then I have to decide how I am going to piss and this is determined by the amount of pain and/or the stamina I have to stand and urinate. Most mornings instead of straddling the toilet standing using my crutches, I sit down on my elevated toilet seat with handles and piss. I find that more comfortable and less demanding on my hips.

Do I think of myself as less of a man because I piss sitting down.? Hell, no. Before the operation, I found it easier for myself when I first get up out of bed naked to sit on the toilet because I can't really tell if I need to take a shit or piss. It was sort of out of laziness that I did that once during the day.

Today in the mail I got the December issue of Details magazine and low and behold on page 172, the author james Glave rationalizes while it just might be ok for a guy to pee sitting down. He writes from the perspective of the male/female household which doesn't apply to any of us. He says that in the battle of the sexes, one thing could be easily agreed upon, that the seat should be left down.

I just wanted to thank all of you for writing and wishing me a speedy recovery. I'm taking one day at a time. Tonight might be especially hard for me, being Saturday. I'm as horny asthe day is long. But I'm in no shape physically to relieve that feeling for now. Hopefully you guys will fill the void in my absense. Have fun and love your man like you never have before. Be creative and I guarantee you that it will be the best sex you've had in a long time. Never take your sexual prowlness for granted. Have great, safe sex and be sure that I will be thinking of you in my dreams.


Tony said...

One day at a time bud. There are a few more of us that are hornier than hell this Saturday, and it ain't out of being incapacitated. So don't feel blue.

I'm looking to squeeze my new potential boyfriend here in two weeks when we meet up for the first time (after chatting on-line and talking on the phone). Can't wait to give him a giant bear hug. WOOF!!
Rest up good!


Mr. Pants said...

I think it is just as manly to do it standing or sitting. And I agree, sometimes you are just not sure what you are going to do.

From a personal perspective, I hate spash. If I splash, or think there is splash (especially in someone else's house) I wipe the seat to make sure there is no residue.

What is that old saying "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie."

I try to avoid sprinkle ...

Get well soon!

Teddy Pig said...

It's my partners Birthday so I'm actually having a great weekend. I think it's far more manly just to pee on me. Oops did I say that?

Teddy Pig said...

Hey Buff! I found a Bear yesterday you might like. Check my blog.

Will said...

Hi, Buff. Don't push too hard, give the healing process a chance. I have a feeling that you've got a lot of determination and patience, and those will do you a lot of good toward getting back on your feet.

I agree with Scott--standing or sitting, who cares? You're a man for your integrity and how you use the talents you've been blessed with, not for the position you use to pee.

Take care, Buff and all my best! for a quick recovery!

Anonymous said...

To pee or not to pee, that is the question. It is far nobler to stand, but what the heck...stand, sit, lay, or whatever works for us.

The important thing is to get rid of the liquid - no matter which way it comes out.

Have a great day and happy recuperating.

Spider said...

Buff - what ever gets you through the night man... stand, sit, hang it out the window and piss on the side of the house - the great thing about being a man is that we have options...

Anonymous said...

If a dick is involved, it's manly IMHO.

Skipper said...

Most of the time, I prefer to pee sitting down, and it's a decision made out of sheer laziness.

Get well soon!

lederon said...

Hey buff,
You may not know it, but I've discovered that in Germany it is expected (and sometimes requested) of guests to piss sitting down. The reason for it is that because we don't always aim as perfectly as we might, the build-up of urine deposits in the near vicinity of the bowl start a process of oxidation and in time the damage caused to the system is rather expensive to repair. pissing seated eliminates this annoyance and therefore makes more economical as well as social sense. the added benefits are that if you wonder to the toilet at night you are less likely to make that splashing noise of hot piss streaming (and yes, I love that sound too) thus sparing your housemates the disturbance. You don't even need to turn the light on (excellent if you've had a drink or two). Just don't spoil it all by crawling nice and quietly back to bed, snuggling ever so gently up to the warm body next to you... then poke the slightly damp tip of your dick in the crack of their ass!