Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving. Don't spoil your appetite by poking in the pudding

Howdy guys. It's been a while. I am spending a different kind of Thanksgiving this year, recuperating from hip replacement surgery.

I have been anticipating this for some time. From a top guy's standpoint , our hips are our shock absorbers, our pistons, a necessary part of the body that enables us to be in fluid motion, giving our partners their pleasure and making the whole experience happen.

So for the past two months, I've haven't been a whole man. Fucking was very painful, so I abstained. Now I am in recovery and mending.

I am told that I have joined a selective but expanding group of guys in their forties who have had hip replacement surgery. I am doing rehab and the drugs, vicodin, are really great. But I am weaning myself off of them gradually as I begin to regain my strength.

So what ever you do with that muscular, golden Butterball today, you know that I'll be there with you in spirit. Big hairy muscle hugs to you guys, You are the best and I miss you all very much.


Teddy Pig said...

And a Happy Turkey day right back at ya! Take care big guy, hope you to hear you are ridin again real soon.

Will said...

Buff, sorry to hear such a big procedure was necessary--wishing you have a speedy recovery and that you'll soon be back in the saddle again spreading joy for bottoms everywhere!

Tony said...

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving regardless of the circumstances. Take care of yourself / a speedy recovery on the surgery. Want to get you back to spreadin' that love again!!!

Spider said...

Damn man - sorry to hear that - that is tough surgery - best wishes and keep up the PT (and the vicodin as long as it lasts)

cola boy said...

I was getting worried about you, Buff. I hadn't seen any posts for a few days. Please get well soon!

JB said...

Eeeek. I forget to check this blog for a few weeks and I miss something major!

Hope you're OK