Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My 200th Blog Post, I Didn't Know That I Had It in Me

I guess I reached a milestone today. This is my 200th post to this blog. For the last year, I've averaged 4 blog posts a week. Being faithful to something like this takes a lot of dedication. I hope that these posts have been informative and enjoyable to you.

My main goal in writing Buff's Tufftalk is to share with you gay sex and all of its ramifications from a top man's perspective. I have tried to write about topics that could make a difference on how, we as gay men, perform in the sack, have sex responsibly, and do so with some fun and imagination.

I shared with you the pitfalls of cruising as well as as what's hot under the sheets. I continue to believe that each one of us is very sexy and is hot in each of his own way. If I do stand on a soapbox, it's only to promote safer sex. I know we aren't robots and emotions drive us to do what we do.

Touch, I feel, is a very important part of the sexual experience. Being a nipple man, touch is the ultimate sense in foreplay. Sure, sight and sound play an important part as well. But it's during foreplay that can drive your partner absolutely crazy with desire.

I have met many fellow queer bloggers along the way and I cherish everyone that I have come into contact with. What makes blogging fulfilling is the fact that someone is reading your blog and feels that it is important enough to comment. That feedback is critical, a sign of acceptance. And taking a few moments out to comment shows me that my blog post was significant and that you shared or had an opposing view that meant a lot to you.

My adventures in life are from a first person perspective. But I didn't want this blog to be an online diary. I wanted it to reflect who I am and what I feel about being a gay man today. Issues such as same-sex marriage are important to all of us. Our human rights, equality, health, enjoyment, pleasure are all issues that I find fascinating and crucial in our daily lives.

I hope to continue to be faithful to my writings and to you guys. You made all of this happen.
And in my own small way, big hairy muscle hugs of thanks. I could not have continued the commitment without you.


cola boy said...

You do a wonderful job, Buff. Keep up the good work!

Will said...

Happy Botjsmgbtlogiversary! Big hairy muscle hugs are the best!

Will said...

Boy, did Blogger screw that up! It was supposed to read Happy Blogiversary!


CONGRATULATIONS BUFF!!!! WOW! 200 posts!!!! That IS an accomplishment! WAY TO GO HANDSOME STUD!!!