Friday, September 02, 2005

Homophobia Rears Its Ugly Head on Craigslist

I just read a report at that identifies gay men seeking gay men or m4m with a warning about "explicitly sexual content" at the men seeking men link.

Upon entering that area, the user has to confirm that he is 18 + y.o. and agrees to the release, "The providers, owners and creators of this site are released from any and all liability which may arise from (my) use of the site." Heavy content, I must say.

This is discrimination, pure and simple, since the other categories do not require such an release.

The company responded with the following statement, "men seeking men users, they're of a culture that is different than the others." So what does that make us exactly, perverts?

So if you use craigslist, then you might feel a little slimey. But hell, just stick with the tried and true such as, adam4adam, dudesnude and manjam, among others.

I wish all the men the best of Labor Day weekends. I know your thoughts and prayers are with our brothers living in the New Orleans area affected by the tragedy that has unfolded this week.

I love New Orleans,NOLA, have been to Southern Decadence, and appreciate all the friends and guyz I met there. Southern Decadence will be postponed this year, unfortunately. To all those Christian right groups that have blamed SD with Katrina, I say, BullShit. NOLA has been the place for all types of lifestyles to party and enjoy themselves. Don't target musclebears and the bear community for this hardship. We guyz know better. Have a great Labor Day weekend. Big hairy muscle hugs. All my love. We'll make it through together.


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Brian said...

I stumbled across this while looking for the original washington blade story, to tell someone just how scary the craigslist postings can be.

When I first saw the adult content warning, I was a little offended, but when I looked at the ratio of ... well, raunchy and just for sex ads in the men seeking men (which is supposed to be for dating) section as compared to the ratio in other areas, it does seem like the site providers are covering their asses. The best thing they could do is redirect the current men seeking men board to a m4m: casual encounters section.

It reeks a little bit of homophobia, since there are pretty perverted ads all over the place. I guess craigslist allows guys a higher feeling of anonymity than the more regularly traveled crusing sites.

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