Saturday, September 03, 2005

Can Straight Guys Teach Gay Men How to Have Better Sex? Michael Alvear of Need WOOD Thinks So

I like to read Michael Alvear's "Need Wood" column which he writes under the pen name, Woody Miller. He seems sincere and has some good tips about foreplay, which you guys know is a very big deal to me as the main ingredient for great man on man sex.

Well our Michael has a new program on HBO called Sex Inspectors. It is a British import that takes the minicam into straight couples bedrooms in Britian while he and a female cohost critique the sex tapes as part of the program.

Michael was contacted for the show because the producers felt that a gay sex expert would be unbiased in his analysis. Maybe so, but since we men aren't cunt lovers, I guess Michael is one hell of an unbiased judge.

Michael says that for gay male couples, the no. 1 problem is mismatch libidos. Well, if the guy isn't quite ready, that's when the top guy steps in and makes his partner feel so special that he'll be ready quicker than Dolly Parton changes wigs.

He also feels that some guys need more foreplay, others less. Well, Michael, that's when reading the other guy well cums handy as well as a nice backup drawer of toys. Yes, mood plays a very big part in the overall outcum of sex. But a guy has to prepare himself and warm-up, somewhat, like an athlete. It can help to get not only the cock pumped, but the biceps, triceps, pecs and thighs, to be at his best. It takes a hell of a lot of muscles, the total package as well as the brain, to make sex pleasurable and enjoyable.

I wish Michael all the best in this endeavor. Gay men dress straight men, why not give them sexual advice. But I doubt I could learn anything from a straight ass guy who likes his woman all made up in lace, lipstick and perfume. A tall pair of leather boots and a smile is all I require. WOOF.


ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

AC said...

LOL! I love your blog.

I cannot imagine giving sex advice to a straighty. Ew!

Todd said...

I pretty much watch alot of Straight porn. I can say gay men could learn something from Str8 men and they could learn something from us. We could use a little help with our technique and they could learn a little more about intimacy.

Anonymous said...

It's funny because sometimes sex is better with guys that are used to having sex with girls. Maybe it says more about how I want to be treated than their sexual prowess though!? For me this type of guy is often more affectionate (better kissing etc). And with some gay guys, especially younger ones, you get the feeling that they're having flashbacks to all the one-dimensional gay porn they've watched. Can be mechanical and cliched. Sometimes more exposure to sexuality makes you less of an authentically sexual person.

Cool blog. Thanks for commenting on mine - just got it because haloscan didn't email it to me for some reason.

James Bailey said...

LOL :-) Mmmmm would love to spend some time with a straight guy and see who can teach who. Would be an interesting experiment. If only to prove whether Michael is right or wrong. Oh, and thanks for your comments on my blog too :-)