Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How Gay Men are Coping and Volunteering to Help With the New Orleans Relief Efforts

There is a gay dude, Ricky, who works for the New Orleans Fire Department. He is gay and is writing his thoughts and observations to share with all of us over the net. To find out more about him and his neverending efforts to save lives and recover the dead, log onto yahoogroups and search for "Our Hero Ricky" and sign up. He needs our support and love at this critical time to help him do his job.

Ricky reports yesterday that without any fanfare, Sean Penn was seen helping with survivor and rescue operations in New Orleans. There are others there I suppose, just as determined to help. They are truly the unsung heros. My thanks goes out to Ricky for all he is doing. Big hairy muscle hugs and be safe. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

Reports from NOLA have found many dead bodies floating in the water and the relief efforts continue. FEMA estimates that it could take up to six months to get the water out of New ORleans and then the city would have to dry out, taking up to 3 months. Then all that mud and debris would have to be removed. This could take a lot of time. So estimates of up to 2 years before people can return to a functioning city would be realistic.

Reports citing tattered but proud gay flags hanging in the French Quarter are evident signs that things can and will eventually return to normal there. This has to be the case. NOLA has been welcoming gay men to celebrate and party for many years. Southern Decadence was celebrating its 33rd year this year but was postponed because of Katrina and the damage caused by its wake.

We just got to be patient and be ready to support our favorite gay bars and hang outs there when the time comes for them to reopen. They are part of our heritage, regardless if we have ever set foot in them. Our gay leather and bear brothers who have been displaced from NOLA need to know that we are thinking about them and haven't forgotten about them.

From hardship comes renewal. I know that things can only improve. With guys like Ricky, this will happen.


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